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Longfellow is very diverse and with an also very positive learning environment. The curriculum is also advance, meaning students that go here are all academically advanced as well.
Reflecting my years here, I realize how much fun I had learning here, highly recommend this school. Also Mrs. Miller’s the best teacher here.
Longfellow Middle School is an amazing school. The principal has won numerous awards and she is very on top of things. However, some of the teachers could use more training. They are pretty strict and claim to be preparing the kids for high school when in reality we had much more freedom in high school.
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The school is completely overcrowded. There are way too many students in the school. The staff and teacher take little to no time to get to know the students. The school is more worried about SOL Advance pass rate than the health and welfare of its students. The school offers no balance to life and pushes kids to the point of where they break or just up to see who will survive. The school really doesn't teach the student, unfortunately, they are just assessing. If I had to do it over again I would not have picked this district to live in.
Horrible, horrible, horrible. It's like a prison-like environment. They want you to think it's a great school from all appearances, but in fact, the teachers aren't happy and yell at the kids and the kids are just trying to get by. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Run, run as far away as you can from Longfellow!
Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school. Very good school.
I think that you get a great education with great staff. The homework load is excessive but the school is very nice. It is a very diverse school as well with a large percentage being Asian or Indian.
The school is very safe, I have never heard of any security problems at the school. In comparison, at Cooper (The nearby school), I have heard about drugs, marijuana brownies (Two students had to be hospitalized!), and vaping in the hallways. Bullying at Longfellow is illegal, literally. Even though it isn't talked about much, you know there is a lot of tension not to bully or cause any violence. There is one school nurse.
There are many after school activities at Longfellow, and many are very good in their fields. Late buses are 3 days a week for extracurricular classes, and there are many staff that stay to manage everyone.

Some notable activities:

Science Olympiad: Longfellow's Science Olympiad is one of the best in the country. It is super selective to get in, and it's a disappointment if they don't get to the National Competition!

Quiz Bowl: Another very successful club, Longfellow's Quiz Bowl team is currently ranked 2nd in America

Model UN: Although not as well known, Model UN is successful in most competitions they go to, and many win awards in it.

Tennis: Tennis is pretty much the only club sport at Longfellow. It doesn't compete in competitions like that, it is really just a small club where my and my close friends socialized and played tennis on Monday afternoons! The organizer of the club, who is an awesome gym teacher, is amazing at tennis and usually creams us if we play him.

Lancer Library: Basically homework club, where it's very hard to do homework in. There's always people talking even though it's a library, and the computer lab is always filled up.

Lancer Athletics/Open Gym/Pick-Up Basketball (Three different clubs): The name says it all! Usually Basketball is played, but when the 8th graders aren't there yet, there are pick-up games of soccer.

That's pretty much the just of it, there are buses Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Many students that attend afterschool activities only come on late bus days, since transportation is hard.

Some other notably clubs:

Rubik's Cube Club, TJ Prep, Debate Club, Mathcounts.
At Longfellow, it is not hard to find a very, very, very smart kid. Longfellow is notorious in the area for competing so well in academic competitions, and just being 'smart' doesn't cut it for the school. And all the smart kids aren't bullied at all, bullying is non-existent (At least to my knowledge). The reason for so many smart cookies winding up at Longfellow is first AAP, or the Advanced Academic Program (Of which I am a part of). All of the people in AAP in Longfellow and Cooper districts have to attend Longfellow, since Cooper does not have an AAP program (Although it will be fully starting next year). Previously, the County tried to make AAP students from Churchill Road Elementary School (Which I attended) go to Cooper, which, by the way, is only 3 blocks away, but parents from the school were so outraged that the plan was revoked, although soon the plan will come into place anyway. Another reason for the amount of smarts in the school is just the location. Located in Northern Virginia, the area is very rich and many people have just recently moved here only a few years ago. Washington DC attracts many jobs, and it's not hard to find a few mansions if you drive around.

I could go on and on for years about different parts of the school, the social hierarchy, the small tidbit I just wrote is just the beginning. But I'll just sum it up quickly:

The school is honestly just great. The atmosphere is laid back but students are still motivated to work hard and get good grades, the people are amazing to talk to, and the teachers know what their doing.
Almost all of the teachers are well-trained, and seemingly well educated. They know what they are talking about, and are often sociable and people know who they are even if they are not in their classes. However, there are a few teachers that are universally hated, and there is actually quite a lot of gossip throughout the school about them. In Longfellow, technology is very important, and is used in as many situations as possible. Many teachers are starting to use Google Classroom for students to turn in papers (which in turn makes students write their papers online on Google Docs), and almost every classroom has a Smart board, and if not, they have projectors. For many years, Mr. Williams taught math at our school, and was perceived as a legend, and everyone knew him, even if they were from other middle schools. However, after many, many years of teaching at Longfellow, (The second best math teacher in the school was actually taught math in middle school by Mr. Williams!) he is moving to Mclean's new BASIS school.
We had anonymous sites to report bullying and anything that concerned us and the counselors were always open no matter what.
There was an exceptional lack in athletic teams. We only had a dance team and a basket ball team. Every other team was academic-related.
I loved all the traditions and being part of the different friend groups and just being part of the school overall. What makes this school unique is its academics. We had trophies everywhere in the school from academic competitions. My two years at LMS were possibly the best two school years of my life and I wouldn't change a thing. They made me who I am today.
The majority of the teachers are absolutely fantastic. I had three that rubbed me the wrong way. One was a little too close with the students, one was just an awful, boring teacher, and the other had no personality.
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