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Amazing teachers and academics. Intellectually challenging with a strong focus on community. Prepares students well for college and offers great opportunities.
It is a good school that challenges students academically while providing a community-oriented school culture.
This is my fourth year attending Long Trail and I can say with certainty that it has brought an incredible amount of growth upon me. The academics are extremely rigorous, especially the IB programme. Having many extracurriculars creates well-rounded students. Long Trail often gets a poor reputation for being a small "weird" school; however, I believe that the characteristics that bring these labels should be viewed as desirable and are what makes the community so special. My high school experience has been anything but "typical" but I would not change it for the world.
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My experience at Long Trail has been supportive, eye-opening and encouraging. Students are given amazing college preparatory skills, the administration wants you to succeed. They are flexible and willing to do whatever they need to teach students with different learning and help everyone feel successful. The environment is kind, intelligent and spirited. There is hardly any bullying, making it an extremely safe school for everyone. Sports are great in some fields and mediocre in others.
As a current senior, I have to say that my time at LTS was a literal rollercoaster. The school provides tons of fun experiences for their students, specifically grade level trips and some school traditions, but it seems to be slowly evolving into a public school. Lunches have increased in price but continue to have smaller portions. Entering the International Baccalaureate program is strongly encouraged but I would take some time and research for yourself before fully committing. I started out as a full diploma candidate and am now a certificate student. Don't get me wrong the IB program will help you get accepted into college, possibly Ivy League if you can tough it out in full, but most schools only accept Higher Level scores from passed courses. Overall LTS is just another high school, just work hard and focus on yourself.
I love long trail❤️ I have been going there since year six. I had just moved to Vermont and didn't want to be that awkward new kid and because it starts in sixth year I didn't have to. I also like that the lockers don't have locks and the cubbies don't have doors because everyone trusts each other
I love how friendly everyone is, and the relationship with the teachers is amazing! We get treated like equals for the most part by the faculty. The arts programs of course are fantastic, with my favorite being the drama program. It also gives us a great academic opportunity through the International Baccalaureate programme. It's starting to outgrow itself though which is a shame; the smallness is what creates the familiar atmosphere!
Many students are involved, most in many activities, and all in some.
I am so grateful to have spent my high school years here. I am set up very well for my future, thanks to the encouragement of the teachers, and their ability to bring out the best in me.
The teachers at Long Trail encourage personal relationships, are approachable, and very knowledgable. Several "Cohorts" into the IB Programme and it is obvious they know how to set you up for success.
Most of the Teachers are really passionate about their area of study and really try to set students up for success and try to push the students to be their best. However there are some teachers who are not really good often because they are unable to teach in different styles or for even fewer just suck.
We do not have a school nurse and there has been a minimal amount of bullying like maybe 2 in the 7 years i have been here. Overall it feel really safe.
The overall options are good but the administration invest in the wrong clubs. Like in sport when we really thrive in the arts and drama.
Pushes you academically, nice community, authentic students who generally care
My experience at Long Trail has been amazing both academically and socially thus far. The students are unique, diverse, mature, and intelligent, and the classes are intellectually stimulating and mind-opening. The teachers accentuate the warm and friendly environment, proving their utmost dedication to the success of their students. The International Baccalaureate program further enhances Long Trail's educational excellence, alongside an overall mentality that encourages and challenges students to learn, improve, succeed, and grow on a daily basis. I have attended a variety of schools in the past, but Long Trail has undoubtedly been the best in every aspect.
I Love the challenge the International Baccalaureate (IB) provides however i wish there where more options for non-ib classes once you get into 11th-12 grades, i thoroughly love the community and the new greenhouse build a few year ago. Furthermore, LTS has passionate teachers who push their students to thrive along with the support services department it is great with students with learning disabilities allowing them and supporting them so they have the ability to do the top courses available if they so choose All in all i believe LTS provides a great and challenging intellectual community.
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While the school is small there the people are very accepting.
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