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Long River Middle School Reviews

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Lets just not talk about it, ok? Its ok, I'm Just trying to bring down the rating of the school. :D.
Long River provides resources for all students. They are extremely accommodating to everyone's individual needs. The talented and gifted program is excellent. It's not very diverse, being in a predominately white area, but what can you do. Otherwise, the teachers are great and really connect with the students.
As an 8th grader in this school, I would have to say that throughout my three years here, this school does prepare you for high school.
First off, the teachers. Very minor flaws for 6th and 7th grade teachers, but 8th grade is where most of the big flaws are, especially with one of the ELA teachers.
The UA teachers are fine on the other hand, as they all have a lot of patience to tolerate the student body.
Second, the clubs. LRMS has a large variety of clubs. Each of the club leaders are very passionate about the club that they run. The sport teams are doing well this year too. A few of the sports have limited rosters so you may need to try out.
Overall, LRMS is your typical middle school. It is a safe environment for your child to go and learn in, as the students and most teachers are welcoming. I believe it has given me a good enough education for high school, as most of the teachers do work to the best of their ability to make sure the students understand what's being taught.
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Middle school was always a learning experience for me. My friend groups changed a lot but the fact that I was always engaged in something at school made me feel like there was always a place that I fit in. Preferably I would not do middle school over again but that doesnt take away from the goodness of the school as a whole.
The teachers that I had experiences with at my time at Long River were always very friendly and reasonable. If you were respectful they respected you. The environment at the school is very welcoming and I had never felt that I wasn't receiving a good education.
New curriculum in place for most subjects.
Cameras are everywhere. There is a new fence around the school. Windows have shatter proof glass.
Tons of clubs. If students have an interest, they have to find an advisor and it usually happens.
When entering the building there is a positive vibe.
The teachers are friendly, fun, knowledgable, and creative. Every time I have reached out to a teacher, I have gotten quick and helpful replies.
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