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This school is a very great school for all types of students. There are many sports you can play and many programs you can enroll in. This school has diverted students and staff. All teachers are very supportive and help struggling students a lot. Generally speaking I like going to this school to learn.
Long reach has a very positive atmosphere with teachers who support and truly care about their students. The teachers are always there to help the students achieve to the highest of their abilities.
Over the past three years at Long Reach High School I have had an excellent experience. I strongly believe that Long Reach is perfect for all types of students. Long Reach has so many clubs, sports teams, and elective classes that anyone can be apart of. I have made so many relationships with my peers as well as my teachers, administration, and my counselor. I have always felt comfortable being able to talk to the adults at Long Reach and have never been afraid that they would shut me down. All of my teachers have been very kind and easy to talk to. As a Long Reach student I have had access to all the resources I have needed, we also have dual enrollment, classes available at the Applications and Research Lab, and many internship opportunities. My favorite thing about Long Reach is the diversity. Every class, club, sport, and any other activity that I have seen at Long Reach has so much diversity with students and staff who are always welcoming.
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I love the community feel! Everyone is very nice even though my school gets a bad reputation. The teachers are extremely passionate and love to support the students.
Long Reach High School is one of the most diverse schools in the county. Here they embrace differences and showcase them pridefully. #longreachlightning
I like the ARL program. Allows a student to leave site to work in a potential career of interest.

I would recommend have more clubs in academics and more outside activities in the community
I liked that Long Reach was very diverse and I was able to connect with different people with different backgrounds and culture and experiences.
I was enrolled in the Applied Research Laboratory( ARL) program for Cyber Security. I thoroughly enjoyed that opportunity. I also like the JumpStart program that has expanded its offerings every year in collaboration with Howard County Community College.
Long Reach High School is a school that gives all students an equal chance to prosper and shine. This school provides an environment to learn academics and good life lessons. The administration is so friendly which adds to the welcoming environment and I believe the values of it being "One Long Reach" is reflected in the day-to-day life at the school. However, I do see a common trend in the teachers at Long Reach from my experience as taking their time to enter in grades. As a student, you want to see where you are and where to improve so you can keep track of your grades but teachers make that difficult with inconsistent grading and not putting in grades in a timely manner.
While it often gets a bad reputation in the area, Long Reach provides every opportunity for students to succeed. The diverse staff and administration reflect the diversity of the student population, and truly care about their jobs. The student population is generally accepting, though lack the resources to participate in many clubs. The sports scene has never been strong, but school spirit is generally high, particularly for football.
I believe that my experience at Long Reach helped me improve my self. I was able to form bonds with teachers and know that administration truly cared for us. Trying to make the school as safe and great as possible.
Welcoming environment, students all get along for the most part. Not as many issues as one would believe based on the school's reputation. Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful for the most part, and students are usually able to get any help they may need easily. At times, it feels like there is a disconnect between administration and students, and sometimes it feels difficult to attempt to make any meaningful changes to the school environment.
Long Reach High School has passionate staff that create a beneficial learning environment. The curriculum is challenging and pushes me to be my best self through study and application. I would change the number of students attending because we are currently overcrowded. This makes changing classes difficult at times.
The staff was very welcoming and supportive of students, the teachers there actually taught the students and not with just information about the subject, but with life lessons. The cleanliness of the school is a different story but it's not faculty's fault but I feel to keep the school clean should be more enforced.
Looking back on my time here, I’ve had a very unique experience. The people here can be very kind and supportive in most cases, and the staff often goes above and beyond to show their support.
The staff and students are wonderful people! The principal is doing all that he can to make Long Reach a better school and community.
Long Reach High School is the most diverse high school in Howard County, Maryland. Most teachers are caring, understanding, and are relatable. Academics are great, and the counselors are able to work with students of all backgrounds in order to meet their needs.
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Even though it gets a bad wrap. Long reach is a very nice and fun school. There are so many clubs you can join, and sports actives. It is easy to make friends and just enjoy your 4 years of high school.
Long Reach is a place where students are like family to each other and everyone is very supportive. The community is very diverse and open-minded the staff is like parents or family members to all students. Education is a thing where the staff want students to accomplish and make sure they are prepared for the future.
The teachers were always willing to help you and encouraged you to do better. In the languages department I would like to see sign language offered and the languages taught by conversational method.
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