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Long Prairie-Grey Secondary School Reviews

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The school has improved a bit it some ways in the past years. Most of the teachers really care for their students. A few of them look like they'd rather be retired at 40 instead of teaching. The principal (even though everyone complains about him) is actually trying to do things to make it better at the school.
I like the supportive and kind teachers. They have a lovely Snow Days and Homecoming with lots of students participating.
What I like about Long Prairie Grey Eagle secondary School is that they have a great staff here. The teachers are good at what they do, and they do it with a lot of passion.
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My experience with the Long Prairie school district has been an unforgettable one. The school is small, as well as the town that it is located in, which I believe makes the feel of coming very welcoming. The students know mostly everyone in the school, making us a big happy family. They teachers are very involved with each individuals life academically as well as mentally. I do wish that within our school more college classes would be offered. However, I understand that within a small school only so many can be.
At LPGE it is pretty easy to get into the classes you want to take. You are not forced to take anymore than the required core classes unless you want to.
We have great option for everyone, from athletics to arts, all the way to acting and preforming.
The teachers really made me feel welcomed and like there was no obstacle that we couldn't over comb when working together.
Teachers at LPGE are always open to discussing things with students to make things better.
If you are looking to get into a club that will help you make friends or you like to have fun the FFA is the group you have to join, the only self sufficient club in LPGE and it creates opportunities to travel the state and make friends from around the country if you step out of your comfort zone
Sinc I started in LPGE I was treated as family, there are many opportunities to get involved and make friends but more importantly to encourage you to have fun.
The teachers at LPGE are some of the most devoted that I have come across, they go above and beyond what they are asked to do on a daily basis just to help their students.
In this school, it is very hard to get in to top ten.
I think this school is very clean and it feels safe to go in this school. We practice lock in so many times in the school and many other drills such as fire, tornado and more.
There are lots of extracurricular opportunities and many clubs but, I wish there was more sports activity like soccer.
It has a really great experience. I really loved participating in snowdazes activities and homecoming week. I think the way my school celebrates snodazes is that what makes my school the most unique.
I like all my teachers and they are very helpful. All the teachers treat me very nicely and care about me.
Nurse is always there when needed, safety policies are very strict.
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Sports were fun and interesting. There are after-school activities to try and get all students involved.
I would choose this school definitely for the different experience and for the friends I've made.
The teachers certainly try to intend that they are trying to do their best.
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