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Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School Reviews

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I love my experience at LuHi. It is such a diverse environment where you have people from a wide spectrum of countries, ethnicities, races and beliefs all together in one space. People around so many different people has helped shape me into the person I am. I get to learn to see from different perspectives and I learn how to get along with people that are nothing like myself. The academics help keep students engaged and challenged. There is a level for everyone. If you struggle, LuHi has the tools and people to help you succeed. If you are are ahead of the people around you, LuHi has the advanced placement classes to help you still feel challenged. Overall, LuHi is an amazing school that I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to go to.
Luhi is truly one of the most unique school communities in NY. Even as the originally small school has begun to grow and expand over the years the sense of community and togetherness has remained consistent. Students have ample opportunity and support to maintain balance between athletic, academic, and spiritual life.
When we made the sudden transition to online learning. LuHi was ready! My children are fully engaged in meaningful learning that is age appropriate and well supported by a very caring and involved faculty. My high school student is taking her classes online, and my middle schooler is using various platforms to stay engaged and keep the learning going. From what I have heard from talking with other parents, LuHi did a much better job than other schools in switching to the online environment. Plus, the faculty and administration have been available and accessible to address any issues as they have arisen. The emotional and spiritual support offered to the students through this crisis has also been amazing. I couldn’t be more impressed by how LuHi rose to this challenge. Although the world is crazy right now, it is a great time to be a Crusader!! Thanks, LuHi, for making this experience as positive as possible for my children.
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Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School is unlike any other school. The teachers prioritize the well-being of the students. The accelerated sports programs help the students to grow both as players and people, all while giving them opportunities you can not get anywhere else. They prepare each student for college by helping them based on their needs. The diverse community is a family more than anything, full of people there to care for you and support you through your whole experience.
When I first came to Luhi, I was extremely scared since I knew no one, but soon after the school year started, I was welcomed by teachers and students everywhere. The academics are strong and we have very talented sports teams. At Luhi there is a very diverse, but family-like community where everyone is welcomed and loved by all. There are also many opportunities to join clubs as well as participate in many different service projects.
This school is very misleading. They have no right to teach students the difference between right and wrong. They are NOT Christian, in a reality based world. The deception and misleading of the teachers makes students more likely to be victims of crimes anywhere else.
LuHi helped me find new interests and guided me toward my future major. I made many friends and was able to get involved with sports teams as a media person.
Above-average experience, the people were, for the most part, nice people but there was a major focus on religion which wasn't the greatest.
I entered Luhi as a high School freshman , it is a small christian based school. Immediately you felt like you had entered a family. I made many friends both within my grade and other grades. The teachers and staff know your name and always are always willing to listen. The school has a very active parent organization that works hard to hold special events and raise money for the students events. I became very interested in being the sound technician for all the plays, chapels and other events. Teachers observed your strengths and reached out to you to use them. In my case I used my skills to video basketball and football games and then edit them for the coaches. This school prepared me for my next step to college.
From the very first day we were told that LuHi was a very special place. We now understand why and how very special this school is. Our sons confidence has grown and his grades have improved and he really has taken charge of his middle school experience. We were delighted to see him get involved in student government. Thank you so much for believing in him and allowing us to be part of such a wonderful community.
Academics are first rate - students are truly learning. Sports play an important roll in building character and teaching leadership skills and the mall caring environment of the school allows the student to feel valued as an individual. These things have been priceless to my daughter and we’re absent from her public school experience in middle school.
Long Island Lutheran middle and high school is a school of excellence. Diversity, academics, sports, and school culture is what have been a great experience for my family and I. Looking forward to the next 5 years as being the best experience for my daughters future.
I like the atmosphere the school provides.The faculty are very encouraging and we can find pretty good friends in there.Its football ground is amazing and the extra curriculars are good.The only thing i found missing is its diversity.Being a religiously affliated school it only supports lutheran (christian).If there are no religious barriers the school will be more diversed and new ideas and thoughts will be flourished.
Teachers are nice but brand new (mostly alumni) and not prepared for the subjects they teach. AP courses are rarely available. Did not prepare my student for college rigor at all. If you want a cushy, cozy school then this is a good place. If you want an education, look elsewhere.
Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School is a very excellent school, that not only provides a good education to it's students but also offers a welcoming community that helps children grow academically and spiritually.
LuHi is a truly amazing place where students, faculty, staff, and parents find a community that feels like family. The faculty are passionate about educating students so that they are prepared for college and beyond. The focus is on the whole child, not just their academic performance. If you're looking for a school that will provide a solid education and loving environment for your child, LuHi would be the perfect fit for your family.
LuHi is an amazing community of students, faculty and staff. It is a caring nurturing spirit filled environment.

The faculty and staff are all here to make each student successful both here and moving forward.
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Amazing school! The faculty and administration truly are involved with the students. There are so many ways for the students to become involved and way to foster independence.
Luhi has completely changed my life. Without this school I would not be the person I am today. I loved my time here and got to flourish in a loving Christian environment. Thank you Luhi
Not just a school, its a family. Proud to be a crusader. Athletics are top notch. caring teachers, faculty, staff. service work is part of everyday student life. Diverse. warm. friendships to last a lifetime. beautiful campus