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I really feel that the school did help with what you need and listen to the students. As long as you're doing the right thing and focuses on your classes you'll do great. At first, to enter you are very confused, it's a new experience but then it becomes a kind of like home.
Everyone that's interested I went here I'm a graduate. They have care centers inside for babies they take care of your babies while u study. They have sports classes wrestling, Swimming, Hockey & more they got a guitar, violin, piano, hand classes. If your special ed like super special they have para who help them and walk them through the class. I was almost falling didn't care before until they help me open my eyes on time that's why I love this school. Just go in with the mindset you won't get distracted by dumb people without a goal and focus on graduating.
The school provides many helpful programs that prepare student to be college ready. Our culinary department is well known and students from the academy make a lot of the food given at some events in our school.
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Long Island City High School is a very big school that has six floors and at times the first few weeks of school gets hard to get to class with the halls all crowded. Overall my experience was great at Long Island City High School I had the opportunity to meethe great teachers, friends, that became family. Although with this pademic will were not able to say good bye and enjoy our last moments together making memories.
LIC has so many opportunities available for students.
I am on student government, SLT, and BSAC.
I was on the school swim team. I was on the fencing team.
I joined the Arts & Craft Club.
I had 3 internships, competed in a culinary competition, competing for money.
It allowed me to find out who I was.
Long Island City High school at first seemed like a horrible school. There were and still is fights and unacceptable behavior from my fellow classmates. But academic wise the work and educational material is some what effective.
I like the fact that it’s very diverse and like that one can choose from a variety of clubs and activities.Also there are various sports one can choose from which I find that really cool.I would like to see more teachers for the language department because in my years of attending Long Island city high school I’ve only known that there are 2 French teacher, which I think there should be more.
It was okay, you make lots of friends there. The problems were the administration and how they used the money for the school. Some things could've been changed but overall the teachers were pretty helpful. The school has so many sports teams and after school activities you could join.
I am still currently in this highschool. I have a lot of memories here and ill never forget my experience.
The sports programs are amazing. The school has an Olympic size swimming pool. The teachers are hands on with all of the students. The diversity at the school is world wide. Friendly atmosphere. Everyone gets along with their peers.
I graduated from Long Island City High School 3 years ago and my experience was great. The courses that I took in this high school weren't too difficult but wasn't easy as well. Making friends was pretty easy as well because of the school being diverse. If there could be any changes made, I would want to make classes a little bit shorter for the 9 and 10th period because, after a long day of school, everyone wants to go home and usually classes at the end of the day are usually electives.
I would give it more of a two and a half because they always had opportunities to give in the school with certain programs and it’s super diverse. But they aren’t organized and don’t listen that well to student suggestions. Kind of like they make poor excuses. The teaching is decent because there’s some really good teachers and then there’s teachers that don’t know how to handle their class or are disorganized themselves. There’s a huge variety of sports and clubs though so it’s easy to make friends that way
I liked that LIC offers a lot of opportunities for grow through internships, SAT prep, college now classes and AP classes. In addition, most of the things in school were free.
What i liked about long island city high school is that there are many activities that kids are able to attend to for example you are offered classes like wood shop , auto shop & even swimming. One thing they could improve on is the teachers relationships with students , i feel as if students had someone particularly to go to more kids would go to college , etc.
There are many things that I like so much about Long Island City high school such as the sports that you could join into and how well the teachers are you actually getting a understanding of what they teach you and if you have any problems within that subject they will help you.
This school provided the most activities and opportunities. But the staff treats young adults like little kids more often then not.
I dont like this school as much as i thought i would. this school has very poor security and very bad alumn. they really dont have teachers doing the right thing . the food is also terrible , i dont eat at all during the day because its bad. but they do have alot of sports club but i dontmlike sports.
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It's an average school. It has many sports and clubs to enjoy after school. Teachers can either be a hit or miss; there are some who don't take their jobs seriously and some who do.
This school is what you make of it. In addition to the lack of clubs and activities for those who avoid sports, this might not be the school for kids who rather be challenged.
LICHS is a wonderful school. Offers many programs and opportunities for us. Academically speaking the school is very decent and if you ever need help it's quite easy to find it in the school. There's also alot of AP courses. The Culinary arts program was very They have care center inside for babies they take care of your babies while u study. They have sport classes wrestling,Swimming,Hockey & more they got guitar,violin,piano,hand classes. fun as well. It's a good school for those who take advantage of it and if you don't start and trouble in school everyone will leave you alone.
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