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The teachers are amazing! They are constantly trying to challenge the kids while making sure they create a loving and supportive environment.
Teachers are racist and verbally abusive towards minority students, especially Latinos. They would never admit it, but honest to God there is definitely a lot of racism in this school. It is more of a hidden type of racism; they would give harsher punishments, call numerous parent meetings for minor offences, and generally treat minority students worse than White students, who make up the vast majority. There have even been incidents of blatant racism, where even young students could see and complained about teacher actions. Me and several other Nonwhite parents noticed this very quickly when we talked and shared our complaints about the behavior of the schools administration. As you might expect, the administration ignored our very warranted complaints. As a word of caution to Nonwhite parents, be very careful with the administration and teachers in this school. Not all teachers here are racist, of course, but definitely a large percentage. Avoid if possible!
Very good educators, very supportive parents. Our kids had a good experience. Of course there are things I'd change, but overall well run, high quality curriculum.
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lindbergh school district is an excellent school district. i wish this school attended sperreng though.
Esta escola é uma escola muito interessante, mas não é uma boa maneira. Os professores são realmente maus e cruéis, eles vão rir das lágrimas. Há muitos problemas com o estilo de ensino e administração
Generally a below average school. Not many large problems; but lots of small ones that quickly add up, and not many redeeming qualities. The main building is kind of derelict: the rooms that do have air conditioning are cold enough that students have to wear jackets year round, and the rooms that do are hot near the beginning and end of the school year. The administration is also very pushy and rude when you point things out. I could write a whole page on my issues with this school, particularly with the administration, but I think you get the idea.
This school is very bad, especially the teachers. One time my son didn't get the math assignment that they where doing and the teacher ignored him when he asked for help. Then she blamed him for 'not practicing' even though he has done all of his practice work but jest needed some help. I do not know what is up with this school
So many problems with this school, especially with the style of instruction and safety. They "teach the test" and only rally focus on test materials, leaving students with a incomplete understanding of the subject. And the teachers are strict and mean to the students. They don't even attempt to explain or justify the rules to the students, and punish them when they ask questions. Overall a very closed minded and old-style school.
This school has many problems. The teachers are callous and do not seem to care about their students. They favor rote memorization and and unthinking obedience over critical and creative thinking. The academic instruction is short-sighted and focuses more on preparing students to do well on the standardized tests than helping them gain a serious and thorough understanding of the material. Long is a place where students that stay quiet and obey orders without thinking are rewarded, while students who think for themselves and ask questions are stigmatized. Technology is used, but it mostly serves to replace teacher instruction time instead of helping students understand the material. Long does have lots of the newest materials and a large budget, but their instruction methods and overall culture is one that discourages independent thinking, critical thinking, and creativity.
The extracurricular are provided by the District oppose to the individual schools, however there are a wide variety of clubs or classes they offer.
The PTO is amazing. There are so many great parents who are resourceful and ensure the students needs are met. They go above and beyond with providing the teachers grants, handling parties, etc.
My family relocated from Memphis to St. Louis. I researched the top public schools in St. Louis and decided on the Lindbergh District. This is our 2nd year at long and I am so glad about my decision. The school has a family oriented presence, and everyone is friendly and helpful.
The school made a huge mural while I was there with every kids own little peice from each grade. It adds a lot of character and shows how each kid makes their mark
Very engaging and you can tell they love their job
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