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I did all 4 years of high school here and it was the best experience I could have had. I loved that almost everyone at the high school was loving and wanted the best for you. I also love how the super attendants know how to do there job, but then again know how to entertain and have fun to make the students experience awesome. I honestly don’t know what I would change about the Long County High School. Everything that I went through there was always a great learning tool.
At Long County High School we have standard of how we should conduct ourselves and if we the students go through the whole school with no major referrals. The school throws us a big event at the end of the day, were we have game station, laser tag, water slide, and at the ever end we have a huge water balloon fight. It's just a fun times with friends and a way to end off the school year. The changes I would like to see are our spirit week can be more better. Change up the things we do throughout the week. Instead of Mondays we wear pajamas, we could dress up as characters from a certain movie.
My experience at LCHS was the best, and anything I could have hoped for. I walked into high school thinking it would be very boring and depressing,but instead I walked out with a lifetime of great memories with my friends, the teachers, and the admin. Long County may be a small rural place but the school is definitely the diamond in the rough. The teachers there are very respectful, entertaining, and inspirational. The way some of my teachers conducted their classrooms even made me think twice about my dream to become a nurse and instead become a science teacher. Long County also has a great access to materials for educational use such as all its computers, chromebooks, iPads, and hardback physical materials. Overall LCHS brought me a great and fluitional experience and is one of the best schools in Georgia
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I like the information I have been provided with my classes. I would like to see more information offered on real-world situations such as taxes, college readiness, and other things we’d need to know after high school.
Long County High School has been very exceptional and helps you develop a good GPA. The teachers actually care about your grade more than other schools and want you to succeed.
Long County High School is a very average and ordinary school which makes it that much more important to stand out.
As someone who moved from a school in Germany to Long County High School, it was quite a change. At first, I did not like the system because it felt quite behind compared to my other school. On the other hand, I have come to enjoy the school system and am pleased with the opportunities that it has given me, such as Dual Enrollment and many leadership opportunities.
Long County High School is like no other school. We have a wonderful diversity of students from all sorts of backgrounds and life experiences. New students are made to feel welcome from day 1 and are immediately immersed into the life and activities of the school. My school offers amazing opportunities to each student to include a robust dual enrollment program with three local universities and just as successful work study program. My high school is super supportive of all of its athletes from the football team to the cross country team. Clubs can be found in abundance and the are enthusiastically supported by the Administration and the Teachers. Our school is ever evolving and adding new programs and areas of study that were requested by students and parents. There is no other high school like mine. I will really miss it when I leave this year.
Long County High School stood out to me because of the friendly and clean environment. Rather than messy buildings or classrooms, Long County keeps a high standard. Although the environment is great, I would like to see the janitors get respected more by students throughout the school. They are the ones who keep up the high standard.
Overall, Long County High School is a very good school. There are things such as our sports and food that need to improve. Most of the teachers are excellent at their jobs, but there are a few who couldn’t care less.
i really like LCHS because they make sure your safe all the time and they make sure your in the environment your needed in.
Overall, the school has all the necessities that are needed to provide for students. Teachers take consideration of the students and their different ways of learning. Not only are the staff and faculty members helpful, there are clubs that help students develop leadership skills such as FFA, FFCLA, and HOSA. Which all focus on different career pathways. In general. the school offers students several opportunities and several advantages for them to succeed.
I would definitely like to see the change in how the students will keep the school clean and drug free.
I have felt safe at LCHS and most of the teachers are nice. To be able to take more rigorous classes you will need to register for college classes as a dual enrollment student which isn't always easy if you don't drive yet. The clubs at school offer students ways to connect with others so that is a great thing but not alot of the population actually get involved.
It was a nice facility, but the students were disrespectful and so were some of the teachers. Students would fight, destroy bathrooms, and smoke in the parking lot. The officers on campus were useless because they sat in the parking lot smoking cigarettes all day.
Being a student at long county high has been a very influential experience for me. My small town really pulls together when we need to and even when we don’t.
Long county is a small close knit community. I just wished that we had lockers so that students didn’t have to carry around such a huge load everyday
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I loved my experience of high school from attending there. The teachers care deeply about their students and those who work get the grade they deserve. I'd like to see more diverse lunch options in the cafeteria.
Long County High School is a pretty average rural Georgia school. Everybody knows everybody since this is a small town. You see your teachers all over the place. For example I went to Subway after school one day to grab a bite to eat before heading home and I ran into my Physics teacher and was able to ask him what I got on our vocabulary quiz. If you're curious I did get a hundred on it.
I started attending Long County in 10th grade. Since then I have made many friends, learned lots of new information, and created bonds with teachers I'll never forget.
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