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My experience here has gone pretty well. They offer many AP and honors courses. The athletics department is also pretty good with many sports offered and some even winning states.
Long Branch High School offers great opportunities and education, to those who are already inclined and driven. Although opportunities are plentiful, and AP classes are free with free tests, the large number of students makes it difficult to feel like everyone is exposed to this. Great bilingual programs and diversity, however.
I believe that over the last four years that I attended Long Branch High School, the better my experience was. Most teachers offer a lot of time with students to meet all of their needs. There are lots of extracurricular activities and sports to choose from. Overall great experience.
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This school was very diverse and welcoming, the faculty was always willing to help students succeed and the environment was perfect enough for anyone who was driven to succeed to become successful.
Although there were some bumps in the road with basis staff, my four years at Long Branch High School was overall a great experience. To grow up with the people in my community has bonded us like family, I'm grateful for that everyday.
Long Branch is very diverse, but the school overall can be toxic. Focusing on the wrong things like enforcing uniforms or the football team getting new gear. Faculty tend to overlook students and their feelings just because they are too busy. The diversity has helped me grow as a person though, giving me the chance to see all types of ethnicity and races. I plan on sending my children to Long Branch High School because I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't attend this school.
This school is great and while your there you always feel like the school spirit is there and your apart of a big family. The safeness is great and you never have to worry about if your gonna be harmed or not. The only problem that I have with it is that the guidance counselors don't help much with college and helping you apply and figure out what you want to do after school. The problem with that is that the students have to figure out everything on their own and go through the stress of not knowing if it's right or not.
Long Branch High School is a mix of many different things.The schools seems to be divided into groups with each functioning on its own. It's a very diverse school and their is a lot of talent. Although there is plenty of potential, I feel a ot goes to waste due to the lack of knowledge of many opportunities.
Long Branch High School offers a wide variety of classes, including various AP courses. I believe that this provided exceptional educational opportunities in the classroom, allowing students to study based on their interest and passions. A wide range of supplies were available to all students, making the means for quality education more accessible. The environment is welcoming and caring, with a large staff who keeps the students in its best interest. Many measures were taken daily in order to ensure the safety and comfort of each and every student attending the school. Overall I felt I had an extremely positive experience at LBHS, with a range of activities and clubs to continue to stimulate the brain and body outside of the classroom.
Going to Long Branch High school is a great experience. The staff and teachers at Long branch school are very passionate about their jobs, and their duties at the school. The sports at Long Branch High school are very good. We have a large variety of different sports to join as well as different clubs in the High school. Long branch High School gives everyone a chance to become social and active while still being able to focus on academics.
Everyone is family. Teachers taught you to learn and keep you wanting to learn more. Everyone wants you to do well and teaches you to want that for yourself. It makes me feel like I want to do well and show everyone that believes in me that I can and will do well and show them . By that I mean I want to continue to go to college and be a rn nurse.
I liked the philosophy that every child matters. The high school gave me confidence and life skills that I have since carried with me to college.
I love that the teachers are passionate about the subject that they teach the students. The teachers also strive to help push the students to succeed. I would like to see that the administration be more lenient towards teachers use their creativity to teach the subjects.
Throughout my 4 years at Long Branch High School, I would have to say that I did enjoy it. The school is very diverse, making it easy to mingle with others and make friends. I enjoyed doing after school sports and activities.
Does not prep you for any type of college. They do not take pride in anything. Teachers are very good teachers but the district restricts them from improving in there classrooms. Truly sad.
Long Branch High School gives all students opportunities to achieve, get involved in leadership and take college prep classes. In addition to the standard High School courses, Long Branch offers an Engineering and Health Science course of study. There are even certain classes that offer college credit. Students can choose to take honors classes and then have to succeed to remain in the program rather than test into them. AP classes are also available and students can earn college credits as early as Freshman year.
The faculty were very tentative for students to do great. Always there by your side, guiding each students, no matter the circumstances.
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Overall, a very good experience however the academics in this school aren't the best. It is very easy school to get straight As in and doesn't require too much in order to just pass for the year.
My schooling experience was a good one, there were some hiccups where the other students caused issues but they were resolved fairly easily and quickly, and the education was well enough for a school that is not overly crazy. What I would like to see if a higher emphasis on the quality of education to have students strive for a better education.
Being a junior in high school, the classes taken that year are very important. There are many classes that the school offers for their students. Some teachers there care about the success of their students and would like to help their students gain confidence and pride in their work. There is a variety of clubs and sports that students can choose to join. If I were to change an aspect of the school, I would change the amount of tests given throughout the week.
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