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I really loved attending LBHS, overall the stuff and teachers are great and willing to help you achieve your goals.Unconditional love and support from people around you is the most valuable thing to me.
Overall, My experience at Long Beach High School was good. Throughout my four years here I had a very hands-on learning environment. I believe that their IB Diploma Program while rigorous, pays off in the end. That being said, the building needs maintenance. A lot of the bathrooms need doors installed, the janitorial staff doesn't refill the needed supplies, and the food here is usually terrible.
I really like the school. Teachers are really nice and care about the students. Since last year I made really good friends and my overall experience was fantastic i could find a better school
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I'm currently a Junior attending LBHS. I like it here! There are a wide range of clubs, sports and people here. Most people aren't enthusiastic about going here, but in my opinion it's a good school. We have IB, AP and honors programs (so a lot of opportunity to really give it your all), and a pretty view of the sound. The teachers are almost all passionate about what they do, and most of them have great senses of humor. The door is always open in the Guidance Office too! I can't speak for other Guidance Counselors, but mine always has time for me when I need their help. The only con I can think of is that the Wi-Fi is dodgy.
I loved the opportunities offered, but I like the way in which they were presented or given. A great example is the IB Diploma. It is an amazing opportunity to all students. However, unfortunately, some teachers, resources and facilities were not prepared enough to aid a student in this special program. Furthermore, the scheduling of this program was not well thought out. In the future I would like to see teachers work together to avoid times of too much work and not enough. I am a student with financial difficulties who cannot afford lunch so I gratefully get free and reduced lunch everyday. However, the lunches are not healthy, nor safe at times, so I stick to a packaged peanut butter and jelly.
Long Beach is nothing special. Pretty average programs: very few AP classes, IB diploma is offered, dual-enrollment, SUPA/Molloy courses. Bathrooms are disgusting and administration knows. Teachers often live local and are extremely nice, supportive, and educated. No school-wide activities except for Class-Olympics and Homecoming. The only dance is Senior prom. Vape addiction problems within the student body. Pretty meh academics, but we send a few kids to Ivy's every year. Most sports teams are really good, and we have a surf team. We're a pretty tight knit community but very much a public school.
Many people say to cherish your High school moments. Hearing this during my underclassmen years I didn't believe it. But now that I have only a couple of months of high school left I see it is true. As much as I and other students have complained about it through the years, there will be some parts that will be missed. I am glad I took part in the opportunities offered, academically and athletically. Being an IB-student-athlete at Long Beach High School is something that will stick with me forever. I gained many skills and grew stronger mentally and physically. I am thankful Long Beach High School has allowed me to meet some incredible people.
I feel like the teachers don't take bullying as seriously as they should be. There have been multiple instances where I have witnessed people getting bullied and the teachers never did anything to stop it. To add, I think that the school lacks school spirit. No one shows up to varsity games to support our teams, only the sports students wear merchandise from the school, and on school spirit day there are only a handful of people that dress up and participate in events. However, there are some good aspects of the school. there are high level courses offered that many other nearby high schools do not offer such as the IB Diploma and several AP courses. There is a great view of the Long Beach Bay from the side of the school that is beautiful in the morning to see. Finally, There are always fundraising events to raise money for each grade for student events such as prom.
The teachers and staff care about the students. They genuinely want to see you succeed and are there for support and to encourage the students.
Great counselors! Some very dedicated and gifted teachers. The lunches are blah, uninspired. The building is situated on beautiful Reynolds Channel and there is a pond on the south side. Some landscaping would improve the hard lines and concrete exterior of the building, and the chain link fence running along the waterfront should be replaced by a more artistic secure choice.
The teachers are very respectful towards their students and former students. The only complaint I have is the school board doesn't listen to the students advice on what should change at the school
The school is nice and has an amazing view, the teachers are great, the kids are pretty good, and the education is great. A lot of opportunity for all types of students and the IB Diploma is definitely something to consider. Not a lot of AP options but there are a couple like AP Statistics and AP Calculus, as well as a few SUPA options. Overall, it’s a good school that will put you on the path to success.
awesome school University-wide scholarships are available for application from November 1st to March 2nd for all continuing students at CSULB. University-wide scholarships are awarded in spring and disbursed to student accounts the week prior to the fall semester along with student financial aid packages.
University-wide scholarships are available for application from November 1st to March 2nd for all continuing students at CSULB. University-wide scholarships are awarded in spring and disbursed to student accounts the week prior to the fall semester along with student financial aid packages.
I had an amazing experience while attending Long Beach High School. They facilitated many sports and classes that gave everyone a chance to study their interests. They ranged between artistic and cultural classes such as IB Dance to express themselves. They had even had on classes such as Auto shop, metal shop and even woodshop. There are not many things that I want to change in our school. I would like our school to focus a little bit more on the sciences and mathematics that they provide. They should have more AP classes presented rather than a full IB class selection in many areas. This could easily be fixed and I'm still glad they provide accelerated courses in ours school.
What i liked about long beach unified school district is how they have the resources I need and there's a staff there to help you with whatever it you need.
As a freshman, coming from a middle school in a small town, that consisted of 80 students per grade, I could safely say that transitioning to Long Beach High School was daunting, to say the least. However, with friendly students, helpful teachers, and a plethora of courses and clubs to choose from, I settled in quite nicely and quickly. Being the only Freshman, to get into the school drama, ¨You Can´t Take it with You¨, I made some of my very best friends. All of which were older and helped guide me throughout the rest of my high school journey. Ever since, I´ve participated in 6 other school shows, portrayed leading roles, and became an active member of the Thespian Honor Society. Through Long Beach High School´s theater program, I´ve grown as a person and have just flat out grown-up, with my best friends by my side. This goes to show that Long Beach High School had the resources and clubs that I needed to discover my passion, and for that, I couldn´t be more grateful.
This is a great school with a lot of cultural and racial diversity. The campus is right on the bay. It offers a lot of clubs and sports as well
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I was fortunate enough to attend a great school district that cares about the students and their future careers that they will one day pursue. The staff from the middle school and high school I attended provide opportunities for student to aid and help them. For example, they have amazing college advisers in my high school's College and Career Center in which they host workshops for students to complete college application, scholarships like this one or financial aid.
The faculty at Long Beach are astounding. They have a passion and a drive to see that the students succeed in every aspect of their lives and the years ahead of them.
In Long Beach High School the teachers are very nice. If you have any question there is always someone around to answer it for you. The hallways and bathrooms are kept clean by the awesome janitors who will always interact with the students. The only down side (probably like almost every other school) the school food could be better.
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