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Nothing special. Decent teachers and wide variety of classes offered. They offer a dual enrollment program to take college courses and earn your Associate's while getting your Diploma. Many clubs with not so great people.
I meet a lot of amazing people at this school. The atmosphere was overall really good. The sports departments were treated well. The art departments could have been treated better. The teachers cared for our success.
The school is a great school with amazing experience and good people all around. This school is filled with hardworking students and teachers, who are willing to go all the way with there students.The principal makes the school a safe and happy environment.
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My freshman year was the most difficult out of the years I’ve been here. There wasn’t enough valuable teachers to help me learn what I needed. They didn’t want to teach. The construction this year ruined a lot. They needed a better and adaptive plan for the students. I would like to see better staff that work hard on their kids.
The faculty at Long Beach High School takes very good care of the students attending. They want to see all students succeed in their futures by guiding them down the right path.
Long Beach High School is an interesting school for the people, but not always in a good way. It is an old school, with a dew dozen dangers as many older school designs have. Lockers are not given out, and senior quotes are not allowed. Senior pranks are also not allowed, and you can be arrested for doing an innocent prank. It is similar to many other high schools, a roller-coaster of emotions, hormones, and work.
long beach high school is the best school any student can go to. There are wonderful teacher's and students that are willing to help you out with anything you need help with.There is nothing that needs to be changed with the school. They are remodeling the school to make it a better and safer environment.
They have great clubs that anyone can join.
The staff and students attending Long Beach High is always positive and supportive of one and another.
Long Beach high school has an amazing student body that excel academically in the classroom and on athletic teams.
I absolutely LOVE LBHS! The school spirit is so heartwarming and the academics are excellent. I am proud to be a future alumni.
I like the high school, because the teachers are always doing their best to help and push students. I think it could be improved by adding fencing or taking away so much open space.
Long Beach High School is a wonderful school for academics and also supports the arts through choir, band, and theatre. I love the choir at Long Beach. The facilities of the school are a little rundown but at the end of the year they are beginning reconstruction of the school to make it more upscale and safe!
My school is an amazing place. I am so proud to say I’m a student of LBHS. It takes care of its student and makes sure everything is ok. Long Beach does their best to make sure everyone keeps their high grades. It is an amazing place
It is my 4th year at Long Beach Senior High School and although I have had a couple issues overall Long Beach is awesome!
My favorite thing about Long Beach High School is how much it feels like a family. The teachers here are all very supportive of me and have gone out of their way on several occasions to ensure that their students are taken care of. The staff here is always willing to help. The school also offers several DC college classes and AP courses, which help students prepare for college. The opportunities the school presents to its students have the ability to be extremely life changing. I will always advocate for LBHS.
What I liked best about Long Beach Senior High was not only the great staff and atmosphere, but the campus layout as well. I enjoyed transferring from building-to-building and hall-to-hall at the end of each bell to get to my next class.
The teachers and counselors at Long Beach High School were very involved in my success as a student. They invested extra time and initiatives to insure that I was able to graduate on time with my classmates. I had many medical issues during high school including two heart surgeries. Through all of this the school's focus was on me and with their help I made it.
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It's alright. More rule enforcement maybe. It should probably be better with communicating in some aspects. they are a very good help as far as getting you understanding things to do for college.
My favorite part about attending Long Beach High School would have to be outstanding academics and very smart teachers our school has to offer. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to score a 31 on the Act and be in the position I am today.
My time as a student at LBHS hasn’t really been positive or negative. I tend to keep to myself but I would like to see stricter penalties for bullying.
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