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Lone Tree Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I've been going to Lone Tree k-12 school since Preschool and the community at this school is amazing.
More parent involvement so teachers can focus on teaching instead of teaching and parenting. Due to the lack of parenting by parents, teachers spend the majority of their time "raising" children rather than educating them.
I liked the small feel of Lone Tree, having it be small all teachers know your name and allow you to go a talk to a teacher freely without the idea of the teacher not knowing who you are. With being a small school there are so many opportunities for students to be involved. Though I would like to see more discipline with the students. Too many students are able to get away with bad behavior or not getting their work done.
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Lone Tree High School is a small, caring, tight-knit community. The high school, middle school, and elementary are all apart of one building. I enjoyed this greatly. The teachers are caring and will go the extra mile to see you succeed by meeting you out of class, staying late, and checking up on you. You are able to build strong relationships with your classmates, friends, and teachers due to the small community. I would like to see some more diversity within the school district. This would benefit the community and students greatly to meet people from all walks of life, and open up their eyes and minds to the differences in the world.
The health and safety policies at Lone Tree are great. Everybody feels safe at school and no bullying takes place. The school nurse is very knowledgeable as well.
The lunch at Lone Tree School is great. I enjoy most of the foods that are served. There is also a salad bar with a variety of healthy food options. The cafeteria has sufficient space to accommodate all of the students.
The policies at Lone Tree are well-enforced by school staff and administration. The students as well as the entire staff are well-informed of the school-wide policies such as bullying and dress code.
There are many opportunities to be involved in sports at Lone Tree Community School. There are no tryouts for any teams, so you are guaranteed a spot on the team. The school spirit is great as well. There are lots of students that come to athletic events to cheer on our teams.
The teachers at Lone Tree Community School are very knowledgeable and engaging in their teaching lessons. They are always available outside of class whether it is before or after school.
Lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities
We have the typical sports, but don't offer anything extra really. Some sports get more attention and funding than others. Even when one sport excels, they don't get the attention from the boosters or even administration that they deserve.
The teachers are great and love what they do. Our guidance counselor is amazing and she loves to help people!
Some high school students are more devoted and care about getting an education than other kids. It's a public school so it isn't perfect, but it is not awful by any means.
High school can be hard or it can be fun. It's what you make it. If you always make yourself feel like the victim and can't take a joke or understand sarcasm, you're not going to fit in.
Some staff is more helpful than others. There are some teachers that will do anything to help students. The guidance counselor is amazing and is super helpful and respectful!
There isn't much of a variety. We often have the same meal twice in a month.
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