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I’m heartbroken. We had such high hopes for LS, we heard great things! But we wouldn’t pick this school in a "do-over". The atmosphere is so negative. Teachers aren't respectful. Most of the teachers seem miserable & annoyed. Isn't that awful? Can you imagine going to school looking around & KNOWING that the adults taking care of you aren't joyful/compassionate/interested in investing in you? Heartbreaking! If any admins or teachers read this please know you are needed & you make an impact! I hope & pray the atmosphere/ love for kiddos improves. I pray you find joy again. I pray you look around & realize every conversation you have, in the classroom hallway & latchkey (the worst moments of our children's day happen in the poorly supervised latchkey) is making an impact & that impact has been negative NOT positive. Please work toward kindness & positivity toward your students. They have feelings too, big ones! They need your leadership & your empathy. Wishing you all the best!
My child's kindergarten teacher does NOTHING about bullying! She tells kids to "worry about themselves" and "deal with your own problems"...seriously?! When your kid doesn't have an adult to help them, they feel helpless. It is horrible! Also, the teacher aide has favorites. If your child is not the favorite, she is not gracious or kind. I have been so disappointed! Fear of targeting my child for the next eight years has kept me from talking to the administration...I have heard that is a problem too.
About the only good thing I can say is my sons pre k teacher and his 1st grade teacher was awesome... Kindergarten and second grade was a joke they were absolutely the worst ones I have ever encountered..
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They defanitely need better staff members..
Would not recommend it to anyone..
This school sucks. I would not recommend it to anyone. I had so many problems with the staff it was rediculous. I finally pulled my son out of there to home school him because they REFUSED TO IEP TEST HIM. Basically it was a constant battle with them for my sons learning. Also there is no need for the stupid principal to call you to make sure YOU signed some paper work NOT YOUR 8 yr old son.
Teachers are involved, work hard to teach to the best of their ability
I taught at a school that LS students can go to after 8th grade and always wanted my children to go to Lone Star bc of the students they sent us
All facilities are top notch.
There are plenty considering it is a Pre-K- 8 school, and they can participate in activities at other school districts if it doesn't have an activity.
All administrators are available! They have no tolerance for disrespect which I love
I would not rather any other school.
Lone Grove has many opportunities to join clubs in sports. They have clubs for almost anything and a wide variety of sports that are popular in our region.
My school has the best administration around, because not only do they do their jobs very well, they are caring.
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