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Lone Star has a very welcoming community. They have a great emphasis on student involvement and supporting other students. Additionally, the teachers are very supportive to their students. However, there are some teachers who do have this same attitude. I would to see the faculty care more about the safety of the students.
The faculty and staff are amazing. I love the close-knit environment. It really feels like one big family. There are many extra-curricular opportunities to help students get involved in the school and expand their interests. Friday Night Lights were always a great way for the entire school to bond.
I had a great experience at Lone Star. Ther school spirit was amazing and the teachers and faculty made everyone feel like we were all a family.
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Lone Star is like no other. The family environment is unparalleled. From your first day till your last you know that those around you truly want you to succeed and will help you however they can.
A really good district education-wise, especially if you make good use of the opportunities of the resources of a district of this caliber. There is a lot of opportunity for student involvement and a great community, centered around TX football. My biggest critique is that many kids don't feel a part of this community. The biggest divisions are with wealth, as many people I am around are really way ahead in this regard, and many such as myself can't relate to this. This presents some sort of a class divide. Some people at my school are struggling to get by and I feel that there are some people who don't realize what privilege they have. It is also very apparent that as it is a football school, there is not a lot of space for you if you don't like the Friday night rah-rah. It is a really big thing and the kids not interested in it are often pushed to the side a bit. That is not ok. My school is a great place with a decent learning environment, we just need to work on inclusivity.
Things I loved about Lone star was the diversity, sports, and bonds i created throughout the years. I would like to see teachers interact with students more, less fights, less vandalizing, threats, and for them to sell snacks and have more cultured foods. A lot of teachers showed favoritism and were lazy doing their job. Some teachers should've had suspensions or even been fired after crossing certain guidelines. Many students also should've gotten in trouble for things such as fighting and using vulgar language towards one another. I also feel as if Seniors should get a refund of fees they had to pay throughout the years leading up to their senior year. Lastly, the school needs to stay clean more often, especially the restrooms, locker rooms, cafeteria and hallways.
My experience at Lone Star was pretty good. I was Involved In cross country and track as a freshman. The rest of my years there I wasn't very Involved but from what other said they liked their extra curricular activities. Our football team was pretty good, we went to state twice. School spirit was decent. Overall It's a good school.The thing that could Improve Is the organization and cleanliness of the school.
It is a great School, with the best school spirit in the state of Texas, the teachers and staff are amazing and care for their students.
At Lone Star High School, students are able to experience a learning environment where they are respected and are able to learn. The teachers are approachable and often go out of their way in order to help students in any way they can. Also fellow students are kind and often assist you if you ask. The school has great sports teams which help to contribute to the high school experience. One thing I would like to change about the school is the staff to student school pride. The pep rallies fall short of their capabilities and that is the crucial thing Lone Star is missing, a burning school pride by its community.
The staff should be better equipped to deal with situations better. The teachers are great but the principals can be better dealing with students and their problems.
The staff care about their student a lot and a lot of stuff is done so the students have a good environment to study in.
Teachers are caring and well educated. There is a ton of school spirit, especially for the football program. Students on the whole are very respectful and friendly. It's a pretty safe school that provides a good education and social environment. Only problems are that there is too many kids for such a small building and that the adminstration isn't the most in touch. Also the food is not very good and is overpriced.
Lone Star is not a great school. Teachers are not encouraging students and many do not care about the students wellbeing. I feel unprepared to go to college.
Some overcrowding as we wait for new high school to be completed. Good academics and college readiness. Counselors are very helpful.
My experience at Lone Star is one that will affect my whole life. There was an abundance of diversity, technology, and opportunities, which for that I'm grateful. I would like to see more leniency when it comes to decorating graduation caps and senior parking spots.
Lone star had a great staff but throughout the school the students were vaping and smoking everyday.
Amazing staff, always had the best clubs and activities and always had someone that was there to help me when I was in need of it.
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The staff here is amazing and very friendly, the people are outgoing and easy to get along with. Although, something I would change is the halls there, everyone is forced into one main hall that is not built for 2000 people to be there at once.
Lone Star feels family. I am very close with all of the student and administration. I know that if I ever need help with anything I can go and talk to someone on the staff. I love our theatre, orchestra, and debate department. We also have an amazing football program and hopefully we are going to state this year.
At Lone Star High School, it is extremely crowded due to over population and poor layout planning, and the students do not care about the school nor the other students. This school is rundown and in poor condition compared to the rest of the school district. It has the largest student population but is the smallest school in the district.
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