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Lone Pine High School Is a great environment, but we have had bad luck with principles in my years here. We have had multiple new principles will I have been in school. I feel like the principle show be more supportive in what we want to do other than what they would like us to do.
Lone Pine High School is a pretty good school, considering it is tiny and in the middle of nowhere. We have amazing sports teams, academics aren't as good as they could be, but we have many high achievers.
Most of the teachers at my school are very friendly and approachable! They care about us as students, but also outside of the classroom. Almost all the time the teachers are consistent with their grading but their are times when they decide to throw the students a curve ball.
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The town is safe, which causes the school to be safe also. The police and fire departments are ready whenever there is something wrong. The faculty are willing to sacrifice their safety for student safety. We have fire drills, earthquake drills occasionally, and very rarely danger on campus (someone with a weapon/gun, etc.) drills. We don't have a nurse actively on campus, but the hospital and clinic is very close by.
There is an open-campus lunch. The lunches provided by the school have improved immensely health-wise. There are a variety of snacks provided at break time. It would be great if more healthy options like fruit and fruit drinks were provided.
The helpfulness of the school's office staff is minimal. You have to bring things to their attention in order for them to address them, and even then, they may forget about what they need to do, or not be able to do anything. Bullying isn't a big issue at all, and attendance isn't either. Dress code for female students is one of the most common issues, and most of the time the "violations" aren't serious.
Sports are very popular among most students. Every student who wants to play a sport gets a chance to because the school is too small to have tryouts. Some teams have a lot of talent and make it far in playoffs. The support of fans depends on what sport and whether it's the men's or women's teams. The school has spirit, but could have more if there were more opportunities to show it; most students have no time or interest in school spirit because it's not on the forefront of the school's interests.
The teachers are all good at what they do; they're knowledgeable in their subjects, engage with all students, try to give engaging lessons, and are consistent with their grading. It would be great if some would try to make more engaging lesson plans, and if some would care to do a bit more for students than only what their jobs require.
There are extracurricular activities available for students to participate in, which is great since it's such a small school. The diversity of extracurricular activities has diminished greatly compared to how it used to be about 10 years ago. There are sports, agriculture classes, a construction class, a mechanics class, an art class, ASB, FFA, a quite new opera club, and a newly founded astronomy club. Every student in the school participates or has participated in at least 2 different extracurricular activities offered. More students would participate if there was a greater variety.
The schools facility is the average of a high school mainly in good working condition.
The school leader staff consist of bad judgment when it comes to following the rules. They overdue some codes when not necessary and when it is they do not exert the proper authority. Bullying happens everyday expect some of the teachers expect everyone gets along and are just horse playing. Dress code wise just don't dhow skin and you all be alright. Attendance you may not have more then ten missing days. But you may do hours up on Saturday school.
Extracurricular activities at this school is not entirely bad for being such a small school. The type we have mainly are sports to help the school stay alive in sports. some coaches only are interested in serious athletes such as helping them into getting them into college for being good in a sport.
I have lived in the town for seven months after graduation and had the whole towns weight come down bearing unto my back with the drama and everyday problems but magnified. Here in this town there is nothing to prepare you for the real world because despite this town existence in the real world it sole purpose inside the globe of this town was fake. Even all the locals say the same once you enter it is really hard to exit. But true to the fact on staying on task the only things that felt that kept you on track was the work here if you do not plan to go too college this is the perfect place to live a life with no realism except for work. Mainly work for fast food restaurants was as real as our work experience got.
My experience at my high school was a bad one. The bad things that occurred at this school are not your typical days occurrence in big schools problems. Such in the year of 2013 were those big schools had more gun freak accidents deaths or someone being taken into jail for narcotics. But it was more of a simple plan of how the school was so small your humanity or sole how ever you want to put it was robbed from you everyday of school. This is how my days felt here every day because no matter what you did in a small community everyone knows you and that is a bad thing because you felt like a prisoner in your own free town which got worse in a small school. You could not walk the halls as such in the streets because a pair of eyes are watching you each step of the way towards your destination people budding in your own business. Your business in this town is the same as everyone. My school experience is the same as not having your freedom or humanity left in tact in a strange way this is how my school was out of the ordinary.
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