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Overall it was pretty great. There were teachers who cared, some who didn't, as was expected. The people were nice. That whole shutdown at the end of the year, though, I would not recommend for next year :P
Lone Peak is great if you fit the system of being a white, religious person. If not, it can be hellish.
I've loved my experience at Lone Peak! They have a lot of AP and college classes to choose from, and the teachers that I've had have been great and really invested in my personal success.
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Lone Peak HS is an amazing school, when I first showed up I actually didn't think I would grow to love it as much as I do now. The teachers are all so supportive of students, and even more so now that we can't see them in person.
I would like to see students engage in classes and learn the material. Parents and teachers have set standards that have reflected what they really care about. They want to see their student/students get straight A’s even if it means you forget the information right after the test. I would also like to see teachers attitude change. Many teachers don’t want to help students that much but that is their job. They should love to teach since that’s what they chose as a career. Student counsel elections is a popularity contest. We had the same president every year since ninth grade. It should change to people that actually care about the school and want to make it a better place.
All my teachers are great except for physics. Mr Smith is an amazing calc teacher and Wentz is a fabulous chemistry teacher. Ms Springer really cares about her students. There are a ton of clubs which is cool, and a ton of AP classes.
The teachers are very great and helpful. They are very helpful and willing to help you succeed. However, social climate can be challenging.
I am currently a senior at Lone Peak and have loved my experience here. There are so many different sports, clubs, and groups that you can join and they are all very involved and very good at what they do. I also enjoyed the people. This goes for both the teachers and the students. Everyone is very caring and helpful.
I love going to Lone Peak! The teachers are so awesome. They make time for all of their students even if it is before/after school hours, and make sure all of their students have a chance to succeed There are so many things to do, from Math and Science clubs to Orchestras and Bands. Our sports are amazing as well, they are very fun to watch!
As high school experiences go, this was the most calm, academically focused experience I could have had. My only hang up is that because it's SO well adjusted and protected, I dont feel ready to handle the harshness of real life.
Lone Peak High School is an incredible school. I have greatly enjoyed my time being there and am excited for my senior year. The teachers are incredible, and for the most part you can feel how much they care for their jobs and students. The AP teachers especially are fantastic I am a proud Knight and will always be proud to go to Lone Peak.
I love so many of my teachers there! They are all so committed to their students and truly invest themselves in us. There are so many opportunities to be a part of school activities and clubs, and I love how much we support our sports teams and go to the games.
Lone Peak High School has great AP programs that prepare students for their futures. The teachers at Lone Peak work well with students and develop relationships that continue to help students even after they graduate high school.
It's great here! I love my classes and my teachers and I have always felt supported. I find the counselors easy to talk to and the administration is great! Not a lot of diversity though if we are being honest.
My time at Lone Peak was so good for me. While it has the basic downsides of every high school with drama and cliques, it is easy to feel included if you want to be. I moved to Lone Peak at the end of my freshman year and by the time I was a senior, I was elected to Student Council. There are opportunities for everyone there.
Most of the staff and teachers are willing to help out. Had some unpleasant experiences with some of the newer staff. Mostly fantastic Math and science teachers though!
Lone peak is an excellent school in one of the most safe communities. Lone peak teaches their students how to excel in the world and be a better person. The school has only 1 policeman and it has been several years since the last physical fight.
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Lone Peak High had many great things about it, like the quality of the teachers and education provided. They had many extra curricular activities as well which is also important to developing well rounded individuals.
I love Lone Peak! The academic and extracurricular opportunities are amazing and the environment of the high school is wholesome and uplifting.
I had an amazing experience at Lone Peak, there were amazing educators who were willing to work with the students on their assignments and help them love to learn. It was a fun environment with the school being clean and well taken care of. Tons of fun activities to be involved in and great extra curricular activities.
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