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They have the IB diploma, but it is the only track that a high school student can take. I would like to see other academic tracks, for kids that do not want to pursue the full program.
Gets students outdoors as much as possible! Lets students go skiing every Wednesday in January to get students moving and immersed in small town culture.
I moved to LPHS my sophomore year, and it was much different than what I expected. Before the move, I had friends who went there and were all excited for me to move. My previous school was considered small, but LPHS brings a whole new meaning to small. My class has only 20 people in it. My previous class had about 75. The teachers here also teach a lot differently than my old teacher. I would like to see more effort put in by the teachers. Some of the classes are taught out of order which makes it more difficult to learn, and some are barely taught at all.
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Lone Peak High School is located in Big Sky Montana and has recently become IB certified. The administration at the school wants students to strive for success and do the best they can in everything the school offers (sports, academics, clubs, ect.) Although the administration plays a large role in the school, the teachers make it difficult to learn at times. Many of the teaches are not invested in their students. When students are sent off to college, many of them do not feel ready or qualified to start college. This is one downside to the school, but overall Lone Peak High School is very welcoming and works hard to give students the education they deserve.
Given all of the advantages this school has (it's in a safe, non-diverse, well-educated wealthy area with a small population so small class size) it hasn't lived up to it's potential, mainly because teachers are under-motivated.
Most students partake in sports and always have a wonderful time. Anyone can join any of the teams.
There are no after school programs or activities that are offered. The teachers do stay after school and help you with homework if you need it.
People are very friendly no matter what their ethnical/racial/sexual background
The guidance counselor is very helpful and friendly. The principal and superintendent are also very nice and make the school more fun. They also want me to succeed in life
It's too healthy and doesn't allow for any good food. Most of it is fairly dull. I haven't had lunch at the school once this year.
We really don't have many clubs or any organizations to participate in after school hours.
My school is small so anyone who wants to play sports can play. Our teams are pretty good at their specific sports and the students who don't play usually come and watch the games but not all of them.
They are very knowledgeable of what they are teaching and will help you after school if you need help with something you don't understand. They give quite a bit of homework but what high school student doesn't get homework.
My school is very small. There is some options for different courses but we don't have a lot of options that bigger schools would have. We do have a 1 to 15 teacher student ratio so that's pretty good.
We have never had any bomb threats, and no really big injuries during sports or that were school related. But to my knowledge we don't have a school nurse.
All the rules that are enforced are pretty standard and totally understandable.
Everyone is very accepting of new students. There is a sense of togetherness in the high school and there is barely any peer pressure to do anything that you don't want to.
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I absolutely love my school, the kids I have had the pleasure to meet, and I have so many great memories here. But I do wish that more classes and opportunities were offered to the students.
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