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With help of new principals, we have changed not only the safety of our school, but the culture. Although LO has evolved over the years, it still isn't where it should be. There are so many factors that come in play when building a foundation for a great school. You must have the commitment and dedication. Some teachers/coaches give the impression that they don't enjoy there job and would much rather be somewhere else. As a student, I know it helps to learn the material when you can tell a teacher is interested in what they're doing & trying to create a fun, yet educational program. I believe the coaches should be more open-minded. Punishment/consequences should be enforced. Kids do stuff knowing they could slide, or only get a few days of ISS. Faculty has enforced student safety as well as staff with several different methods, they've prepared us for situations that could happen so we'd know what to do. Not in any way a bad school, but could do many things to improve it.
While attending Lone Oak high school, I have noticed many trends which make it unique. For one, it is one of the most academically competitive schools I have ever been a part of . Most all of our students hold a GPA of 4.0, and our State Testing scores have been through the roof. To make this all possible the school keeps amazing track of the students lives, which allows most all faculty members to help when someone is having trouble with a subject . Early access college classes are available, and our school includes many activities that I have personally been a part of. This includes things such as Robotics, NHS, BETA, and UIL.
All-in-all I can easily say that this school is one of the best in the hunt county district.
Lone Oak High School is an average high school. Most of the teachers there do a great job and I would say, academia-wise, it's alright.
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Overall, an excellent school with staff that cares about students. For its budget, there are a multitude of activities to partake in.
Teachers are amazing. They do whatever it takes to help their students become better at school and every day life.
Overall, I would say the teachers suffice when it comes to education and getting the job done. However, some are unfair and choose favorites. Definitely not all of the teachers are this way, but many of the teachers are coaches and favor the students who participate in athletics.
I believe the teachers and all staff work with families the best way they can. They always put the childs interest before making decisions about their discipline. The principals are very involved. Teacher make a difference.
I believe they do all that they can do. There isn't a lot teachers/schools can do now for discipline. I think this school does all they can to not expell the students.
Everyone supports each other in sports. Parents and grandparent fill the stands. Rain or super hot days, the stands are always full. Even when we go out of town our side is always full.
It is a small school. There could be more options.
I believe all schools could do better at picking up on a troubled child. There seems to be a reactive instead of proactive approach in stopping school violence where children and teachers are killed. It seems that the news has plenty of information about the child that commits the crime and their troubled past. Someone must have known prior to the terrible events. I believe schools need to focus on mental health of a child and their families. Paying more attention to a child and their behavior could save lives.
My school has been beneficial to my growth as a person. I came here in 8th grade and as a previous Christian school attendee, my eyes were opened. At Lone Oak, I have learned that there are road blocks in life that you must overcome to reach your goals. I feel that I am prepared for college and have been given many opportunities to express
Our school is one of the few in our area that does not require uniforms. As a result of this, our staff is very picky that the students follow the dress code to a t. This tends to get a bit over the top when it comes to the no facial hair policy. The principal once even brought razors to graduation to make sure that the graduates were clean cut and clean shaven.
Living in a small southern town, football is a way of life. All of our booster club money goes to jerseys and pre-game meals for the football team. Surprisingly enough, the football games are the social scene rather a fan base kind of thing. As far as our other sports, we have a new gym floor but our JV volleyball uniforms are in shreds. You can tell that there is favoritism as to where the athletic department puts their money.
My school has the same emergency alarm system for tornadoes and for intruder threats. In the event of a tornado, our safety procedure is to huddle together against an enclosed wall. In the event of an intruder, our class would be sitting ducks for the gunman because all he would have to do is peek through the door window and see us taking shelter from a "tornado".
As a vegetarian, I find it impossible to eat my school's cafeteria food. The only option that I can constantly depend on is a box salad that quite frequently has droopy iceberg lettuce and stale crackers. I would go as far to say that the cafeteria food is unfit for human consumption because on one occasion half of our school had a tummy ache after eating what was provided on that specific day.
All of the teachers were very applied and very laid back but very serious about their job. They all strived to break it down for everyone, but that is the positive service about a small school. classes were very small, so the teacher always has time for everyones needs, and remembers everyones styles and preferences.
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Every year the policies get a little more strict. Every year the students a little more rowdy. The admin are old and from the reserved country parts; They are not looking forward to 8 hours 5 days a week of girl pantys and crotch shots. They do not want to see girls exposed, nor the guys. But in every other aspect everyone is always more than helpful.
There are plenty of opportunities for you if you put yourself out there. I was in band, but preferred the choir area. I liked the things that came up for artistic/creative measures. There is more things to do and plenty of school dances, I just wasn't allowed to participate due to my home situation at the time.
The food was better than some schools that I have been to, but it's still just school food. Not filling enough, but I suppose that is how they get their food profit.
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