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A factor that would improve Lone Jack for future students is more staff members. They lack classes that would further prepare you for college. As a senior in highschool, I do not want the bulk of my classes to be filler classes but, because there are such few classes I have no choice. My sophomore year we hired a science teacher for chemistry. What they had neglected to tell the students was that this teacher had not passed the required test to be eligable to teach chemistry. By the end of the first semester we were told in order for our transcripts to even say we had taken a chemistry course, we must enroll in an online college course and pay $250 for the class.
It is a very small school. I graduated with 46 other student. Needless to say, our facilities and resources were limited. THough the community that surrounded me a student was wonderful. I have a network of people that are life long friends now.
If your student doesn't' fit the click: either student's or teacher's you will probably have trouble with them being bullied. of course you will receive all the normal excuses from the teachers and administration. Hire a good lawyer, maybe two as that is what was required of us. God forbid they defend themselves and end up in court. The only recourse for us is to punish the whole district by removing dollars from their budget. Please think twice about putting you children here. Nothing but a fallen star here
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Not enough resources/class choices, did not feel prepared to go to college. The Cass Career center was a great part of my education at Lone Jack High School. It was a technical school for juniors and seniors that had a multitude of programs.
Lone Jack High School, a place you feel very welcome, knowing that if things go wrong someone will be there to pick you up, living everyday knowing failure is inconceivable. Small town, big dreams, everyone knows everyone and just like a fire word spreads fast. Right as you began to get comfortable, like any other school politics are involved and parents have control. When you need someone the most they kick you when you are down, claiming they've helped you. Taking away the people and things that help those the most even after reaching out for help. For a school who praises family and no bullying you would be very surprised. Seeing it from a in between perspective popular and bullied. Many students are bullied and left to sit alone, but as long as you do not fail they have done their job.
Lone Jack High School is a rural school that excels in College Preparedness and offers ample dual credit courses which is especially rare for the school's size. Lone Jack offers students the ability to participate in countless clubs and activities with encouraged support and flexibility from the teaching staff. Administration goes above and beyond to provide new and evolving opportunities for the students at LJHS. The staff at LJHS make the school a comfortable and inclusive environment and cater to each individual student's needs.
Its a small school so we only have organizations for the amount of kids wanting to participate.
Having small classes is really nice to have so you get the one on one approach to learning.
We have teachers that stay after and have study groups.
We have numerous cameras. LJHS is very safe. If you go outside you have to buzz the office to get back in. The school nurses are great. We have had school meetings over stuff that was written/drawn on the bathroom walls. Bullying is occasional but definitely not a problem.
The athletic administrator is great and very involved. My coaches are great, they know my teammates and I on a personal level. My coach made this year enjoyable. He rewarded us with icecream the week before Sectionals, when we were finished running of course. The school spirit is great during football and basketball season.
Many are coaches who are just teaching so that they are allowed by the district to coach. We do have some very good teachers though. Our upper level math and science teachers are amazing and I had no problem being prepared for college. The English and alternative language classes though were a bit to be desired. However, all teachers no matter how good they were did care about their students and had personal relationships with most of them.
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