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I liked my art classes, and the art teacher is encouraging. He helped me develop my skills at creating ceramic art pieces.
Lone Grove High School provides a safe learning environment along with amazing teachers. With being in a small town, it's not likely to have any cultural diversity throughout the student body. This school provides concurrent enrollment along with higher level classes to ensure college readiness. Overall, Lone Grove High School is an excellent school to be apart of.
I like the staff, they're very friendly and helpful. I do, however, think there could be room for improvement when it comes to informing the student body about announcements. I only attend class on campus for 2 hours and find myself being very misinformed about various events. I would suggest emailing important information to students.
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My experience has been amazing and have loved all the years i have had there, the only thing i would change is to have enjoyed the moment while it lasted
Lone Grove High School is unexciting. Overall, I have had an enjoyable high school experience, but I wish the school offered more opportunities to get involved.
I liked the academic challenge of Lone Grove High School. I also liked that some of the teachers really seemed to care about my education. I would like the administration to actually listen to students when they tell them about problems. A lot of things could be avoided if students' voices matter more.
Lone Grove offers oppurtunities to excell academically. They offer a variety of electives like choir, art, band, Academic Team, golf, basketball, etc. Lone Grove also has a variety of clubs: Student Council, Key Club, NHS, FCA, etc. Academics is one main focus along with sports. Even though they are one of the best schools in my area, the administration could be a bit more trusting when a club or organization wants to decorate for a event, to raise awareness for something, or to raise school spirit. Overall the administration are great because they have the schools best interest at heart. The teachers are passionate about what they are teaching, and they are always ready to help if you have need help.
One of the things that the Lone Grove schools program that I love the most is that no matter what you will be part of a big family. The teachers love their students, they are willing to help before and after school hours for who needs it the most. Lone grove schools have a great way of interacting with the parents, they are always up to date with everything, a very good school for all kids.
Lone Grove High School is a fantastic public high school with many opportunities for college readiness. However; the school lacks in certain aspects that motivate teens to attend class.
Lone Grove HS is a very nice school I know its quite competitive regionally but its a well rounded school with it exceeding most other surrounding schools in at least one way or another both with its academics and its encouraging teachers as well as resources.
I love the high school I go to and am so glad my parents put me in this one. The staff is extremely loving and caring in and out of school. If you need help in one of your classes, the teachers do not mind staying after school or coming in early to help the students. If someone was having an issue outside of school, they could easily go to one of our teachers and talk to them and get advice from them. They are very easy to talk to and good teachers that will help you with whatever you need. The only thing I would change about our high school is I wish it had a few more sports included there. Other than that, I love the high school I go to and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I think the academics offered at this school have prepared me well for college.
We are a small town, so these were issues for some groups of people, but the majority were accepting.
I wasn't involved in many school related clubs. I was part of the National Honor Society, that's about it. I spent a lot of my time working on college courses while attending high school.
My experience at Lone Grove Schools was great. I would most definitely choose this school again.
Most teachers at this school will go above and beyond to help students in any way they can.
You have to qualify to be apart of most of the extracurricular activities. The students that are in them are in multiple. A few are NHS, Key Club, Academic Team, and FCA.
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Parents supported their own children no others. If it was good for their kids they would do it even if that meant hindering others from activities.
There are some teachers that truly care about the students and want to help them, then there are the ones who do not care at all. The teachers that were coaches really only cared about the sport they were teaching not the actual class they were instructing. This really hindered some of the students. On the positive side, the teachers that did care were the best teachers I every had. They were kind and helped whenever possible. Any student could ask them a question, and if they did not know the answer then they would look it up and find it for you.
The health and safety policies at Lone Grove is better than most schools. They try their hardest to protect and make everyone feel safe, and they succeed.
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