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Londonderry Senior High School Reviews

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This school is one of the greatest communities I will ever have the honor of being a part of. Between the amazing music program, the stellar athletics, and the phenomenal staff, you will not be disappointed.
I live in Hooksett so we get to pick our High school from many other surrounding towns. I picked Londonderry as the teachers seemed to really care of the students when I spent a day shadowing. The other schools I felt the teachers were there because it was their job. I have loved all 4 years at Londonderry. Even during Covid 19 they made us all feel still apart of school. Especially the seniors.
Londonderry has an outstanding music department. The marching band has traveled to China to perform. They are a 5 time participant in the Pasadena Rose parade. The faculty is outstanding. The caring administration has gone above and beyond to meet the individual needs of each student. The school has a 85+% college acceptances rate.
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It’s truly amazing. From the people, to the staff, the wide variety of extra curriculars and the challenging classes available. It truly feels like a family here.
Great teachers, and great community. Very competitive academics, but great opportunities to take honors and AP level courses.
I have had excellent experiences at Londonderry High School. The only real downside is the lack of diversity at school, with nearly every student being Caucasian.
Londonderry High School is a great environment for kids, it's a very welcoming and family orientated place that offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends. The classes are fairly diverse with; Philosophy, Yoga, Sci-fi, etc. There's something for everybody. The school is also very welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, there's even a LGBTQ+ Club at the school, it welcomes everyone. There also happens to be a debate club, anime club, and so much more for your student to get involved in.
Impressive district with all resources required for success in most career paths. Always felt comfortable and secure on campus, and faculty is willing to extend opportunities outside of the classroom.
Londonderry High School is a medium sized school in a small town. This school has supportive staff dedicated to their students success. They also help whenever students need it including life beyond the high school. The cafeteria food is diverse and open to suggestions. There is also a wide variety of courses available. The district as a whole is dedicated to the students and their success.
Loved how dedicated they were to the arts side of high school, despite also being so invested in sports.
Could be a lot more diverse.
Overall, my school is very open and accepting. The size is big enough for everyone to find a group of people to be with but also small enough where there aren't many unfamiliar faces. The school also offers many activities including sports, clubs, and music programs. Also, most people at my school are very friendly and open to talk to just about anybody.
I have loved my time here at Londonderry High School! There are numerous options for sports, clubs, and other activities that students can easily become involved with, and by offering so many opportunities for student engagement, Londonderry High School has created a school that values their students. Along with their stellar repertoire of extra curricular activities, Londonderry also maintains incredible academic options. From college prep to honors to AP, to Running Start and Dual Enrollment, to music and woodworking classes, to special education classes, Londonderry has options for everyone. Londonderry even has an incredible Adult Education program for anyone seeking an alternative route to a high school diploma. The only thing that could be added to enhance Londonderry High School would be an auditorium.
this school helped me become who i am today. they helped me grow and show me that being different is ok
Londonderry High School prepared me for college through a variety of AP, honors, and dual enrollment courses.
There are a lot of great teachers there. However, there are a few teachers that are problematic. If you are unfortunate to be placed in one of their classes, I highly recommend talking to your guidance counselor about switching out. If that doesn't work, try having a parent email them. But usually they are willing to help you. Londonderry has numerous resources to help students succeed, like teachers always have extra help hours before/after school, Math Lab is available to students during lunch periods. There is a college ready lab with a faculty member there to assist students on planning post graduation, the librarians are kind and knowledgeable as well. The school is very college focused, which is great for most students but not every student. There are opportunities at MST for those students looking at trade based careers.
Londonderry is amazing however there is less than .2% diversity in the school. Due to this imbalance, you are not exposed to any other cultures. The band program is amazing. There are many teachers, including those who teach the CTE classes, that are truly passionate about teaching and caring for their students and making sure they learn a posed to those who teach just to pass or fail their students.
Great school, the teachers care about you and also want you to succeed. Most students care about their grades and sports are also good too.
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The community is so strong and supportive of one another. Everyone looks out for one another and makes sure there is equality and fairness.
Most of the teachers care about their students and want to make them better people and students, the school is kept nice and is all around a good school
Excellent atmosphere. Teachers and staff are very focused on raising good kids and delivering a good education. Great positive student body. Only downside is guidance department. The head of guidance is an airhead, and some of the other guidance staff is as well.
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