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London was a great experience, it's no different than any other public school system however the staff are great. I would recommend most people to go there and there's not too much I would change.
I liked the atmosphere and the student involvement and activities that everyone was involved in. Teachers are very caring but like most schools each have their issues.
Since I go to the high school its okay but I dont really like the food , but the teachers are really nice and they are always glad to help no matter what.
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I like that London has a lot of teachers that actually care about you. There are many teachers that not only want us to grow with our education but also with our personal life.
I attended London Hight School my freshman through senior year and had a great time. The school is filled with staff ready to help their students, a passion for theater and sports, and a positive working environment. Not only did I make lifelong friends at LHS, but I also have memories that will last a lifetime. Go Big Red!
The school gives every student a chance to excel and the curriculum available improves every year. However, the student body is starting to out grow the facility.
The one thing London High School is good at is offering different classes to help students either prepare for college or earn college credit. Also, depending on the teacher you have, the administration really pushes students to do their best and graduate on time. However, when it comes to resources for academics or certain sports, meals served, or the variety of clubs, London High School fails to provide anything impressive in these areas. Overall, its an okay school.
I think that London as a whole is a good community. But with that being said the students are not always the friendliest. I believe that if the environment was more welcoming the school would flourish more and students would feel more open to be themselves.
Since it isn't a large school the academic choices are slim, however, there are more options appearing each year. Most teachers are kind and you can have a conversation with them. There is not much diversity. The school is located across the Madison County Prison, separated by a cornfield.
My experience at London High School was the average high school experience. I loved just about all of my teachers and I feel that most of them would take the time to help you with anything you were struggling with in class, whether that meant coming into work early, staying late, or giving you some type of extra practice. I was glad to see that college credit plus classes were being offered so that I not only got high school credit but college credit as well. Im obviously nervous for college but I feel that my teachers and peers helped prepare me well for my future! Overall I had a very good experience at London High School
This is a great school if you are looking for an area that has a well connected community, and family atmosphere. There are tons of activities for kids at from k to 12 that they can get involved with. It is also great town for community service.
Being from a small town was great because you had connections with all of your teachers and they truly cared about your education. I made connections with all of my teachers and they helped me achieve so many things during my time there. I am very thankful to have been able to go there.
For the past four years I have never seen a school where the teachers had a great spirit. I like how we have the assembly's to pump up our school for football games. I also like how they care about future. London High School can change the way the classes are set up. We should have classes for different teaching. The teachers should be a little more organized. We need to have better equity. Honestly, that is pretty much it.
Although the small community is heavy supporters of football, they do support other activities like marching band, girls sports, and academic teams.
Small town environment allowed me to experience a wide variety of things and excess if I choose.
Most of the teachers just do what they are required to do. Only a few go above and beyond teaching to the state mandated tests.
I feel like London is pretty average. There are security systems present in the building but nothing to over the top.
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I feel like there was a variety of clubs, organizations, and sports for students to choose from to help them to grow and learn lasting life skills.
I feel that most parents tried to have some level of involvement with the school. From my personal experience, my mom was always super active in helping with the marching band for both me and my brother.
I remember having some great teachers at London. When you had a great teacher you would know because of the way that they pushed students to improve and the passion they had for their respective subject they taught.
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