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I like this school a lot. It has challenging academics with teachers that care about your learning and want to see you succeed.
I liked that London High School has a year round schedule. It makes it easier to push through the year. Most teachers and students are nice, but there are many teachers and students who bring you down and make going to school difficult. Personally, I find the school small. It is weird fighting through a sea of middle schoolers and elementary children just to get to my lunch.
My son is excelling in London High Schools environment. The teacher seem to care and have the students best interest in mind. They take time for the students and show genuine concern for their education.
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I've enjoyed my time at this school very much. Every teacher I've had has been great and that academics are great. I just wish there was more student involvement if anything.
I have been here two years and have mostly enjoyed it. The teachers are passionate, but the administration's priorities are all wrong.
A really good small school. Feels like a private school even though it is a public school. A real gem of a school even though it's in south Texas
This is a very close school. It isn't very big so everyone knows each other. The teachers are excellent and really care about the student's success. It is a great school to be a student at.
I've really enjoyed all my years at London. I can't wait to see how this school continues to grow. I'd say my experience here, has been a good one. All the teachers here are tough, but you can easily succeed if you try hard enough.
What I liked most about attending London High School is how small and close of a community it was. I started school at London when I was in kinder and have grown with the same group of friends since then.
London High School was the basis of an amazing environment that was committed to the successes of their students. One of the best aspects of London that you can't find in another school around this area is its safe atmosphere. I know that attending school would never be dangerous in any way or form, and that people the both the student body and the administration will do their best to make you feel welcome. Alienation can be a tough aspect of school life, but I believe that London's promotion of openness and safety will allow any incoming student to adapt more easily than they think. This aspect of London has contributed greatly to my successes as a both student and a citizen in my community, and I highly recommend the school to anyone who is considering attending.
Wonderful teaching and environment. Small classes allow for personalized instruction and many available activities.
I transferred to London High School my junior year and the level academics brought challenge to my academic career when other schools did not. The athletics are taken seriously and are very intense. The teachers care about each individual student and the principle is absolutely amazing!
Need better facilities. Quit taking transfer students. Academics need improvement; need more emphasis on college readiness. Teacher spoon feed students answeres to test. Not prepared to take college tests if they continue this way
I love the school, the students that attend it, the faculty, and the facilities. I would love to see the programs develop more throughout the years and more AP classes offered.
London is a great school, I love all the little traditions it is beginning to form. The teachers, students, and faculty are wonderful. I will never forget Homecoming and the Burning of the L, hallway decorating, football hame, and dance. Or Fall Festival, a fun night of carnival type games and silent auction. I will also miss the London Lobster Steam, where varsity and junior varsity athletes alike come together to sell food and baked goods to anyone who would like to join. If I could do it all over again, I would choose London every time. London is an amazing, growing school that is going to do big things in the future. I cannot wait to come back and see it all in place.
I love all the teachers at London. They make you feel seen and known, and they truly want to see every student succeed, even if that student is not in their class. I will miss them dearly, and I am happy to say I have formed great relationships with each and every one of my teachers throughout high school.
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