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My kids went there. They were kind of loners but were not bullied at all. It's mostly it's hispanic students. Two of my kids are white, and one is (adopted) blaxican and none of them were bullied.
My experience in Lompoc High School was amazing . I joined clubs and participated in Track and field and I joined the dance line team.I meet so many kind teachers who are always there to help the students out in what they need and the counselors away try the best to help their students out .
I like how welcoming and understanding the staff and teachers are, some more then others but yeah. I also like how our school shows spirit and how unified we get when it comes to sports.
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The teachers are supportive and there for their students. Everyone works together on projects and problems.
My experience at my high school was overall great. I met friends from diverse cultural backgrounds and bonds with staff that I appreciate because they helped me get through my for years and make sure I was in the right track. I learned great tools from my peers and adults there that gave me insight on what will be the rest of my life. I am grateful for the opportunities that this school has given me and other students who need it, such as scholarship nights or after school programs. The teachers make sure the students are receiving as many opportunities to improve their grades and skills. Everyone here is a community, coming from a relatively small town.
Lompoc high school is an overall decent high school. The only issue is they emphasize too much on the football team and do not support all other sports as much. They allow certain athletes get away with academic requirements in order to play sports. But the emphasis on education is not as high as I wish it would of been. Nor does it really prepare you for college, in some ways yes but In others they definitely need to improve.
I really like being in Lompoc High School , i like being involved in my school and I really like the teachers . I would like to see more color in our school to make it more bright .
Lompoc High school has very good athletics, especially football, and a strong STEM program. There are many electives to choose from that prepare students for several career paths. However, there are some aspects that could be improved, such as providing more clubs and activities with more inclusivity with each of them.
My high school experience was a great one. I am now a senior and I’ve seen positive changes happening to the underclassmen. For example, recently my school has started a program called LINK leaders, which basically gives a handful of freshman, a senior or junior to be there go to person, whether it be a friend, class work, questions about high school, anything really. I wish I had it my freshman year, as I had so many questions and no one to go to. I personally am a member of this club, and I think it’s impacting the life’s, and high school experience of freshman.
I like how the school is set up, the school is very open and the classrooms are spread out and I like that. The only is thing that I want for that school to change is sport budget, they need to spend more money on our courts, weight room, stadium because it is outdated.
What I liked about Lompoc High was that it was easy to make a new friend on the first day of school, have certain background from different people and have connections with others. What I think should change is just the way certain money is handled and the given opportunity. Overall, it was a good placement to feel belonged.
I liked the teachers and how involved they were but I’d like to see more opportunities available through funding.
At Lompoc High School, students do not find a hard time sharing opinions and ideas with one another. The teachers are understanding and are good at communicating with their students. Some of the teachers like to keep the students up to date with the news to see if they have an understanding of what's going on in the world. It's easy to go in and ask for help since they always try to set aside time for the students during lunch or after school. There are some classes/"academies" that a student can take at our school which focuses on the type of field they wish to take in college. Many of our clubs involve doing community service. A downside to our school is that some of the classrooms need some fixing up. When it rains, there is small leaks in the library roof. Just last year, our school added gates to improve its security.
Lompoc High School offers a variety of clubs and tutoring to students who want to be more involved and learn. Not only is Lompoc High School an academic achieving school but it offers a diversity of electives students can take throughout the 4 years of high school. Overall Lompoc High School gives students an opportunity to achieve in academics and improve independently.
Lompoc High School has helped me achieve many of my goals. The teachers and staff are always very helpful.
My experience at Lompoc high school was good, i had many teachers who were supportive and cared about the education and success of their students and then there were some that dint show the same desire. I had access to many resources to help me in school and that made the experience more pleasant. The only small issue is that the culture at the school isn't very strong. There are few students who truly care and want to succeed and continue on to a 4 year university or college in general. This lack of commitment makes it difficult for students who want to achieve the best. So if the school can some how improve the culture and motivation in the student body than the school can become a better place.
My overall experience at LHS was amazing. I was involved athletically, academically, and with clubs. The staff, I feel has always wanted every student to succeed.
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I had a great experience at LHS. The staff is friendly and always grew close to the students in their class that year. I still sometimes talk to teachers that I had in high school! The campus is clean and they are due for a renovation of their football stadium this year, go Braves!
I love that students are very into school spirit! One thing I’d like to see change is the quality of classrooms.
Really liked sporting events and how much school spirit was involved. Had a great football team and the whole high school experience was memorable here. They are a little too strict on some things but I guess it's for safety reasons.
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