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Small school with inviting people and passionate teachers. The school is very involved in helping the students to succeed in life past high school and is very supportive of your plans for the future.
I love the close community we have. It's a small school so teachers can become very close and help is a lot more in depth. I do wish we had more opportunities for classes, to explore more fields and activities.
I loved Lomira! It’s a very small school so everyone know’s everyone and it is very personal. Almost all the teaches coach a sport or two, so you get to build great relationships.
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I liked the teachers and the facility. Everyone always made it feel like a place you’d want to go to school overall. Lots of clubs and sports are offered
Lomira High School has taken the initiative to update their facilities to meet the current needs of the students.
Lomira High School is a great school. It is a nice and small community where everyone knows everyone.
A+ school with A+ teachers
Students at Lomira High are all very welcoming and accepting of eachtoher for the most part.
I think our school offers a great deal of clubs and organizations.
Lomira High School has become a place of great experiences for me over these past four years. I am thankful for the close knit community surrounding us and would for sure do it all over again at Lomira High School if I had to.
Teachers at my school go above and beyond to make sure each student is prepared for any homework and/or tests they may be giving.
Most of them are good.
School has a variety of health programs that affect school lunches and vending machines. School has taken on many measures to let students know the affects of bullying. There is a school nurse present. School doors are always locked and can be unlocked by authorized personal only. Visitors must sign in in the office to obtain a visitor's pass.
The school administration is wonderful and very helpful. They have all contributed to the greatness of Lomira's academic excellence. I take pride in my school.
The teachers were great, they would teach us everything they knew, and if they didn't know something they would find a way to help us learn as they would learn themselves. They were consistent in their grading and teaching, and took a large interest in helping all students.
The school administration was very helpful and the principal was quite involved, but I rarely felt comfortable talking to my counselor or I felt like they were not helping me to my full potential. The dress code was stressed throughout the school, along with attendance.
Student involvement is good but there is so much peer pressure and lack of acceptance throughout the school. There were so many "groups" that certain people didn't accept others. There was not much challenges in regards to diversity and they were accepted by teachers and faculty but students were a different story.
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Personally, I felt the academics were good, I was only lacking a few things to prepare me for the future that I wish I would have known. I really felt like most teachers did their best to teach you as much as they knew and as much as they could in the little time period they had with us. The workload was manageable and some classes prepared us for a college workload.
My experience was overall okay, the connections at times that were shown through teams is inspiring. I don't think I would choose this school again, I would choose a bigger school because there were too many "groups" there was a lot of problems with that, and I accept everyone so it was hard for me. my parents didn't grow up around there so we all had a hard time trying to involve ourselves with parents and other students.
I felt somewhat prepared after graduation because I gained certain knowledge that I will use. I feel more prepare when talking to my parents or family, but they did try their best to teach us all we needed to know
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