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It was a great school helped me learn a lot before i went to college. I love all the teachers, but I had to move on. I recommend this school it has its ups and down. I really enjoyed my life growing up in this school and I hope others do to
I have went to this school my whole life and it has been pretty much no different from other years this year. It an old school that has trouble changing traditions
Its a school full with staff who genuinely care what happens to you and where you go in life. You almost feel like you're family. but its a very poor school so the opportunities are a little lacking.
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Lometa ISD is an amazing home environment. Although I wasn’t really prepared for college, Lometa taught me so much. The teachers were great at life lessons but they expected me to just know how to get started in life when I didn’t know how to.
Most of my family lived in and around Lometa, TX so it was inevitable that I end up attending this school. Since this is a pretty small school I was involved in many different activities, clubs, and sports. A lot of my time was spent up at that school with some of favorite people in the world. Most of my favorite memories were made in that school, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. However, I would like to see more money and grants be given to this school to see improvements in the types of resources and facilities they have.
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