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The teachers at Lomega High School genuinely care about your education. They go out of their way to make sure you aren't missing any work and if you have a harder time learning what they're teaching they'll go over it again, step-by-step until you understand. Lomega's community is outrageously generous. They do whatever they can to help you in any way possible. I absolutely love and adore everyone I met there. They cared about me and what I was going through no matter what. They were lenient when I needed it but always made sure I wasn't falling behind. The faculty is my favorite part of going to school. They like to joke around from time to time, sometimes they'll even play a game with us. They take pride in our hobbies and push and encourage us to do better in everything we do.
I loved going to school there it’s perfect if you love small schools. They are building a bigger school in the same spot to.It was so fun going to school there the teachers were so nice and helped you with anything you needed. The teachers well prepared you for college to.
Having been to only one high school in my life, it does not feel appropriate to judge mine as good or bad, but in my experience, I believe this high school is fairly average. There are many areas the school needs to improve on, but I do understand that, in current circumstances, some luxuries are unobtainable at the moment. If I were to describe my high school to one thinking about attending, I would tell them we do not have an abundance of clubs or marketed opportunities; however, you will be confident in your ability to reach your goals by graduation.
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There is academic team and honor society's.
Sometimes there is good food sometimes there is bad.
The teachers at Lomega High School are always willing to help you and are very nice!
We have nothing like this at Lomega High School.
There are many extra-cirricular activities you can be involved in.
We have great faculty at Lomega High School. They are helpful and polite.
We have great sports facilities, especially our gym.
We have a nice facility.
I like this school. We have a great staff.
The work is hard, but our teachers do a great job of helping us.
The policies on Health and Safety at my high school are very strict but definitely for the best. Unfortunately, the rules aren't always enforced therefore causing the high school experience of some students to be pretty crucial. Luckily, through friendships with other students and involvement in extra-curricular activities, many students, including myself, have experienced a great and memorable high school career!
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