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Some Teachers are old and not eager to teach student. Very strict about grades and does not give chance for students to take make up test for their failing tests.
I joined the school sophomore year, out of all Adventist schools LLA is most likely the best in most aspects.
I had a wonderful experience at Loma Linda Academy. All of the teachers put in a lot of effort to make sure that the students have access to the resources that they need, whether it be additional help with homework assignments or just somebody to talk to. The student environment is very welcoming also, as classmates are competitive but always willing to lend each other a helping hand.
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I really wish people found a way to make the students judge each other for being themselves less. The whole school body has very low participation in creative expressive outlets.
I have attended this school throughout all of my high school career and I believe that the relationships you build with the teachers are much closer than you would at public school where there are more teenagers that teachers have to attend to. Although the relationships that you build with your teachers is healthy, a public school has many more programs to help you get ready for college and get the credits you need.
I was a student at LLA. I believe that they are a great school for kids pursuing a job in the field of nursing or medical/dentistry school. If your kid is looking for a career in anything else such as engineering or arts, Loma Linda Academy is not the school for them.
Loma Linda Academy was a good school for fostering a strong spiritual life, and bonding with peers. The school itself doesn't provide the best academic support, as they don't offer the same amount of AP courses like other high schools, and their arts department is a bit limited to only band and choir. They have extra curricular activities for sports, and all of the extra curricular activities even go out of state for competitions and touring. When it comes to college readiness, my experience wasn't as positive as I'd hoped, as most of the universities that were promoted for us were affiliated with the religion the school was apart of. Not a lot of emphasis was put on any of the benefits public universities have to offer, which is a disadvantage. The teachers themselves were good instructors, and if there are any complaints, its only about a choice few; definitely not the majority. My overall experience was a generally positive one, but I believe it could've been better.
Personally, I think Loma Linda Academy (LLA) is not as great as I used to think. I am an alumni, and if I could start over high school, I would choose to go to public school over this private school. This is because LLA is just beginning to grow academically with AP courses, and it does not provide enough of the resources for college that are not connected to LLA already. There is a clear bias between LLA and it's affiliated universities which did not help when I wanted to go to a public university.
I really enjoyed the teachers and all the hard work that they put into students. I also really loved how they prepared you for college, and never gave up on students. The school is very nice and has a very welcoming atmosphere, and you feel like you know everyone when on campus.
I enjoyed my time at Loma Linda Academy and I fee like it prepared me well academically. It is a small school and there are not very many students in each graduating class and so the teachers were able to devote more time to each student and help them personally succeed in every class. I enjoyed the environment where everyone respected each other and wanted each other to do well. It was easy to talk to the teachers and ask them for more help. I also enjoyed that there were many events for the students to participate in including week of prayers, bible camp, senior havasu trip, beach vespers, picnic day and much more. I believe that there were many opportunities for students to have fun and get involved including playing sports and joining clubs.
I have attended Loma Linda Academy for twelve years–this is my thirteenth. LLA is a perfect environment for religious growth (it is Seventh Day Adventist). The religious aspect holds true throughout each of the three campuses, with Campus Ministries working at most functions to create a spiritually-fulfilling atmosphere. LLA's staff truly cares about you and most teachers will go out of their way to help a student. Within junior high and high school, LLA offers sports like flag football, basketball, soccer, swimming, badminton, etc. There's also high school clubs like Reality Check (drama), Youth-to-Youth (community service), and Shades Club (culture). My experience with LLA will be appreciated throughout the rest of my life.
Loma Linda Academy was welcoming. The teachers are excellent. Food is good. Very religious institution.
Loma Linda Academy gave me a lot of opportunities as a leader, an athlete, and a student overall. I was able to be involved in class office, SA office, campus ministries, and sports for all four years of high school. The events that the school puts on made it easy to meet people and get to know everyone. Since the school is big, it was harder to know what was going on in each students' life, or who needed more support. It would be nice to see a change in that area, trying to get to know the underclassmen, exchange students, and others who aren't as involved at school. I feel like it's always harder for them to integrate and it'd be nice to let them feel a part of the community. Overall, I really enjoyed the activities SA put on, the beach vespers for the school and other outings such as campout where classes really bonded with each other.
Academics: While, there aren't many AP classes, LLA has certainly stepped up and begun to add more AP classes. AP Drawing, AP Bio, AP WH, APUSH, and AP Stats are currently the AP classes offered at Loma Linda Academy.

To address Math, students take a placement test offered either at the end of their 8th grade year at LLA or when they enter LLA their Freshmen year to determine whether they get placed in pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, or Honors Algebra II. If your student places in Honors Algebra II, they are set on an honors course their Sophomore and Junior year with Honors Geometry and Honors Pre-Calculus. If the student so chooses, he or she may take a placement test which is offered by La Sierra University at the end of their Junior Year to be placed into Calculus where the student will get college credit accredited by La Sierra (Calculus I for 1st semester, and Calculus II for 2nd semester).

TAKE Mrs. Constanzo's APUSH class. Got a 5 due to a great class and teacher.
Loma Linda Academy is a wonderful environment for students to grow up in. From Kindergarten to Senior Year, the teachers constantly prove how much they care about the students. Classes are wonderful, and all the teachers are always willing to help. All the student needs to do is approach the teacher with their questions, which isn't too hard because the teachers are very friendly and approachable. Most importantly, Loma Linda Academy helps students to cultivate a relationship with Christ and help them grow physically, mentally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.
We have put two kids through school there and are experience was nothing short of great! Both of my kids have gone onto 4 year universities and were well prepared for college life!
I personally thought the academic system prepared students very well to continue to the next grade. The teachers were ready to help any student in need of academic help.
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My experience here at this school was great, I love the teachers and staff they are all very friendly and very helpful.
Overall, it's an excellent school surrounded by an excellent community. Students who enroll will find themselves with the ability to participate in more school activities than at another private Christian school or even a public school. There are few clubs, but the ones that exist are of good quality. They could do some work on the curriculum, however.
It was a good four years, however I do not know anything outside LLA, therefore I am not able to compare very well.
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