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Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle School Reviews

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I am currently in my final year at tark and i really dislike this school. It feels like all of the administration is against me and i see kids getting bullied often. I have attended this school for three years and i have seen everything from sex in the bathrooms to an organized fight club which the news has covered. Teachers and administration wold rather tell kids to take their hood off than stop a kid from being bullied.
My experience as a TMS student were well. I had a more flexible schedule back then and managed to take it easy and get the grades I wanted throughout my three years there. The teachers I had there were nice. They managed to help me in a way where I can understand what they teach me since I am a slow learner. The amount of spirit and love toward the school when I was there was very well shown, therefore, the school I am happy to review.
My daughter enjoys going to her school. She enjoys interacting with teachers and students. She is in advanced classes
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As a student who attended Tarkanian Middle School for one year, I have grown to appreciate the school. The students and teachers inspired me to grow and overcome my shyness. I have no complaints about Tarkanian due to the school being very organized and the incredible teachers. My peers at Tarkanian Middle School have encouraged me to grow and step out of my shell.
Most teachers really care about you. They push you to do better.
Very strict. Bullying is not tolerated in this school.
There is a running club, after school homework help, anime club, basketball, and cheerleading. They are fun and helpful.
This school was exciting. I would choose to attend this school again because I had a great middle school experience.
There are some teachers who teach you because they care, but some teach because it's their job.
My experience at Tarkanian Middle School was one of the best because I joined several clubs, started my own clubs, and was highly involved as Student Council President. I would choose this school again because it gave off a family and community feeling where every student could be accepted no matter what.
Our school is cleaned at least once a month, the class rooms and cafeterias are cleaned everyday. No one goes into some one else's business, and we don't bully on each other.
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