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Logos School was a paradise and safe place for me when i started there ar fifteen. The academics and diversity were tops. The only negative thing i would say is that when I went on to college I was overwhelmed by all the other students. Maybe now it is different, but I went back in the seventies.
Logos is a fantastic school for children who are struggling. They have fantastic teachers and therapists there that are always open to talking with their students and really forming a relationship with them. I have also received some of the best education that I could ask for from this school because they work at my pace and for my needs. Logos is wonderful, however, the students are quite aggressive. I have seen more fights in the 6 months I have been at this school then I have seen ever before in my life. Although these fights are obnoxious and a horrifying sight to see, the staff are all fantastically trained to prevent injuries. Unfortunately, this school also has some trouble with funding without making itself too expensive to attend for some of the kids here. The food can be pretty awful and not everything you expect out of a school is there, e.g. lack of a music program and library.
Logos is a amazing school. I was motivated by the teachers and workers to work hard and I finally have my life on track.
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I love this school so much. when I started at this school I was struggling with anxiety depression and didn't know how to make friends. since I came here I am so much happier and I've made many friends that are there for me and support me. the teachers and therapists and will always make themselves available to help I'm so glad I am here.
Logos is the best thing that has happened in my life it helped me get my life back on track and made me a better person help me take responsibility and learn that it's not everybody else's fault all the time it's mine too and we are all family at that's school that's school is family that's how much it's changed my life
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