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Wonderful Christian atmosphere with teachers and students who truly care for you. Very challenging academically and a great foundation in Rhetoric.
I love the teachers and the rigorous curriculum at Logos School. The teachers are fun, care about your lives, and do everything they can to help you succeed.
I greatly enjoyed my time at Logos School. The academics were rigorous. The teachers were wonderful, I could really tell they loved the topics they taught.
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It’s very small Christian community where one grade is consist of one class. I had hard time getting aquiented with my classmates, since half of them known each other and have been in a same class from elementary. I don’t mean they aren’t impolite or unwelcoming, but I felt alienated from them for a while (one reason could be because I’m international student)
Logos is a fantastic institution with rigorous academics and fabulous faculty. The school has outgrown its facilities, but it is working on building their own school.
Amazing school, teachers and students all around! Prepared me for college hands down. Intimidating at first but once you get used to the system you'll fall in love with it.
Logos School does not have that many clubs - we mainly focus on sports, mock trial, and robotics. While sports like football, golf, tennis, baseball, and wrestling are not offered, students occasionaly participate in these sports at the public school, Moscow HS.
I enjoy Logos School because the environment is so much more friendly than public schools. My friends encourage me and help me grow my character, and everyone respects each other and is serious about learning.
All the teachers here really care not only about your grades and learning, but they also care about your character and the path you are headed on.
The staff care a lot about us and work hard to keep us in a safe atmosphere. I have never felt unsafe at school.
The teachers are knowledgeable and care a lot about the students. It's a good atmosphere.
The teachers care a lot about the students and work hard to keep students engaged.
The building is well cared for, but small for the school. Logos is looking to build a new school.
Logos has extremely kind and helpful staff, that care a lot about the students. They help make Logos a good environment. Logos students where uniforms, which helps the school maintain a more professional atmosphere.
Despite being a small school Logos has some of the best sports teams in the state. Both of their track teams took first in state this year, and their cross-country team took second. Logos also has a Nationally ranked Mock Trial team, which has won the state competition for 10 years in a row, and has placed 5th at nationals.
It's gotten harder to get into Logos in the years since I started. When I started you had to have fairly good grades, but they didn't have to be perfect. Logos is a school that aims for academic excellence, and has, in many ways, succeeded. They're very good at finding scholarships for students, and wont turn people away due to financial issues.
Some of the teachers are great. Some of the administration are a little creepy and shady.
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I'm pretty smart now, prolly because of Logos.
Lacrosse is the best sport they have at this school.
The school is growing exponentially, and the staff is scrambling to find room. They are in ever-growing need of new facilities and more teachers, but growth problems are good problems when they're handled well, and Logos is managing very well.
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