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I liked the small community. The classes were small enough to have a positive impact on the students ability to pay attention and engage in the class.
Since it is mostly a homeschool type of school, it was a really easy transition for when COVID19 hit and we had to be quarantined.
The school prepares its students very thoroughly for post-secondary school. As a student, I experienced a bit of frustration with the classes the administrators required students take along with the classes we were already enrolled in. These classes, such as college preparedness, added to the workload, and required a lot of my time.
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I love how they strive to change the "normal" method of learning into something that the students enjoy. The teachers and staff love what they do.
I attended Logos from 7th grade up until graduating high school. I always received immense support, encouragement and assistance whenever I needed it. I believe that they helped a lot in setting myself up for success in college and in life. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have arose because of Logos.
Going to Logos Public Charter School gives me the chance to graduate with not only my diploma but also a ton of college credits.
Logos is a great place to have school. I can work at my own pace,the people are so nice, both students and teachers alike.
I loved Logos, through them I was able to get my AAOT by the time I graduated high school. My education was really focused on me and my life, which I really appreciated.
My favorite thing about Logos Public Charter School is their early college program. Because of the program, I am able to graduate high school with my Associates degree. The staff at Logos is extremely knowledgeable and willing to work with you to help you achieve your goals.
I loved that I was able to enroll in college classes for dual credit and get a head start on my college career. The staff is always encouraging and supportive of your goals and work hard to help you achieve them. They are always welcoming to questions and encourage students to be independent and motivated.
I transferred to this school my junior year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It is an absolutely incredible school that has prepared me for college and set me up for success. 10/10 recommend!
Logos Public Charter School is a good independent learner school. Hard if your have goals and have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get where you want to though.
Logos is an amazing school that helps prepare you for college and life after high school. However, they do get involved in things that are not their business. To change this, I would create less busy work for the students, especially the seniors. That being said, I have enjoyed my time at logos and do feel that they have prepared me more college because they have given me the opportunity to be a full time college student and a high school student at the same time.
Logos was an amazing experience for me. Their college scholars program was very helpful to me and allowed me to graduate with my high school diploma and almost 70 college credits.
I love the opportunities for early college as well as the support of the faculty. Student-Parent-Staff communication could be much improved, but other than that there is an incredibly positive overall experience
I love Logos. It has so many more opportunities compared with other schools I have been in. I am earning duel college and high school credits for classes I take at RCC. The only thing I would change is I would like it to be more organized. They have so many different options which is great but sometimes it is hard to keep everything straight.
Logos is overall a good school that allows more freedom than most public schools and offers more one-on-one support. It also has some amazing teachers and online options. However, there aren't many school activities and there are some minor organizational issues in some of the programs that can confuse students and parents.
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Seriously the most helpful school ever! They really care about you and your education. I have recently graduated, but they still help me with references. Amazing people.
Amazing school, enjoyed the freedom of working mostly alone with the motivation of the weekly check ups. They also paid for me to go to the local community college for 3 years, which gave me a great head start on my education. All of the teachers are pretty great, and I especially like the scholars program, though recently they have grown fairly large and may be struggling to keep up. I really enjoyed my time and from my experience I would definitely recommend this school.
Logos has given our family the flexibility to engage our children in ways beyond the traditional school day. We love the multiple opportunities for academic competitions, clubs for STEM and Nature and most of all the outstanding staff that create, motivate and engage the students!
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