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Great school community! It will give you a family experience to study here. And the price is appropriate for a private high school. Teachers so help and care about every student individually.
I have been at Logos since the 1st grade and am now soon to enter my senior year at Logos. Nothing could replace the value this school has added to my life. From the early elementary years, my education has been steeped in sound Christian teaching and strong academics. If you are a parent with elementary aged children and are considering Logos, do it. My years at this school have taught me so well how to manage my time and work under pressure. At the same time the community of the school is irreplaceable. It is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone and you are never without someone you are friends with. The faculty are amazing. They care so deeply for you as a student and as a person and make themselves available to help you with your work or even just to talk. I have older siblings that have graduated from Logos and the structure of the school has helped them tremendously in time management in college (both of them are at top tier universities).
I love this school. Sure, every school has things about it that kids don't like, but I feel that the good outways any bad. I love my friends I've made and most all of the teachers are extremely understanding and are willing to help you one on one if you ask them (the Spanish department is my favorite though). If you are thinking about coming to Logos, you can ask to come and check the school out for the day. Most students that do this end up coming to Logos because they love the environment. However, if you are lazy in your academics and don't really put any effort into your schoolwork, this is NOT the school for you. Logos challenges its students, being that it is a college prep school, and there it does take some getting used to. If you work hard you can get the hang of it and it does get easier. Come check it out!
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As a student at logos, the environment here is christ-centered and everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. The teachers here make sure that their students understand the subjects.
I have been going to Logos for 6 years and have loved it! I've found a close group of friends who are supportive and push me both academically and spiritually. The teachers have been great and, for the most part, are almost always willing to put in extra time for my benefit and the benefit of my fellow classmates. The faculty is super friendly and always willing to help out in any way possible. My favorite part of school is sports. During games, especially football, basketball, and volleyball, the whole school will come to support the players. The coaches are great at pushing their players in a way that makes it a fun challenge to play. Overall, I highly recommend this school.
I've attended Logos for many years, and one of the things I like the most is the community. The community here is very close. Whether you've gone to Logos for years or just recently, you can find your place here. Although academics can get occasionally overwhelming, the teachers here care about their students. They are understanding and work with students to make sure they truly understand the topic. The relationships you build here, whether between student or teacher, feel genuine and make you feel loved.
In my past 7 years at Logos Prep as a student, I have enjoyed all my classes and all my teachers. All my teachers have been very supportive of me and helped me whenever I was struggling in their class. Logos has one of the best Christian environments that I have ever been too at a school. The community is fantastic and very kind. Logos provides an incredibly welcoming environment for everyone.
The faculty are extremely caring and I feel like I know the administrators well. Unfortunately due to the small size of the school, some opportunities are not available. However, due to the structure of classes, it is extremely easy to schedule time for extracurricular activities to make up for this fact. This structure also greatly strengthens time management skills.
I really like how by going to school at Logos I am learning time management skills that will help me when I get to college. I also enjoy the small class sizes that give the teachers an opportunity to help me individually when I am not fully understanding a concept.
I've been going to Logos for 4 years and overall it is a great school. Most of the teachers really care and Logos really gets us ready for college. I do wish that they let the students have more of a voice in their decisions for the school.
As one of the students at the school, I appreciate the way the school tries to prep us for the college experience. The idea of only having school for three days with some classes in between is a good simulation of how college actually works. The atmosphere of the school also lets me enjoy my experience while learning.
Logos has been the greatest blessing in my life as a student. The small class sizes allow for careful instruction between student and teacher. Teachers invest lots of time and hard work in making sure students learn. This hard work is expected to be reciprocated. Logos has shaped me as both a student and a leader within the school and I am thankful for every opportunity it has given me.
I absolutely love Logos and have been going here for 9 years. My past teachers built genuine relationships with me and still say hi to me in the halls. The classes are challenging but interesting and the teachers walk alongside you even when you are struggling. There is definitely more homework than at a public school, but I have found that if you sit down and work hard, homework can be completed quickly. The girls in my grade are kind, supportive, loyal and have been a living representation of what my relationship with Christ should look like. My friend group in a melting pot of people who have been here forever and people who just joined the school, so I believe that we are a very inclusive school. Because we are such a small school, you don’t have to be a pro to make it on any team. I for one had never cheered until this past year, but I was welcomed onto the squad. The coach is amazing and pushed us to be the best we could be in every aspect. I highly recommend this school!
I have attended school at Logos Preparatory Academy for 8 years and I have enjoyed it every year!! The faculty are always encouraging and pushing us to do our very best. Within the school, they keep Jesus first in everything. Teachers have more than just a teacher-student relationship with their students. The teachers at Logos Prep make sure that I am okay as a person before they make sure I am doing okay in school. Everyone is very loving from the minute I walk in the doors to the minute I leave. I am so grateful to be going to such an amazing school!!
Logos Prep offers a very friendly environment for its students. The teachers are enthusiastic about the subjects that they teach and care deeply for their students. The course work is challenging, but the teachers work with you to make sure you understand what you are doing and what is expected of you. The schedule is nice because it allows you to learn time management. The atmosphere at school events is very positive, and the school offers many opportunities to hang out with our peers. The school offers many opportunities to grow in and learn about our faith with classes such as Apologetics and Worldview and bible studies in the house meetings as well as outside of school events such as C2 and Gather. There are many opportunities to play sports as well as clubs and the school is working with the students to create more options.
I am in 10th grade at Logos Prep. I love this school because it has smaller class sizes. I feel that the teachers care about us as people, and are really good at helping us when we have a question. I love that I get to manage my time with schoolwork on home days, I also get a lot of time with my family and feel we are closer because I am home more. I also find that the school does a great job at keeping us busy but not to the point that we are stressed out, all of the kids at Logos are happy. It’s like we are all a team, it’s not kids against teachers we all work together.
I have been going here for 10 years, and I have always felt welcomed and safe here. One of the topmost categories that this school exceeds in is there college readiness and safety.
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High school is made fun in creative ways here at Logos. There was a close environment that helped me develop as a person and build strong friendships. It thoroughly prepared me for college and as a leader through the strong core values and mentorship.
Going to Logos Prep was a fun experience that helped ready me for college in a fun and interesting way.
Logos is a great University model type school. It has taught me the importance of time management, having to only go 3 days a week. So i would recommend Logos to others because it is an all around solid affordable school, and teaches the importance of time management.
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