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Great teachers and overall experience. The curriculum incorporates a Christian worldview which is helpful during during college and in the future of our careers.
This school existst to promot Romanian culture primarily. The staff tries to promote Christianity but only if it lines up with ROMANIAN Christianity. Some of the teachers (especially older ones) say that Americans are stupid (I'm looking at you middle school math teacher - you know who you are).
If you attend churches other than Romanian ones, that's too bad - your church and minstry does not matter apparently. Choir is mandatory, it is graded and the students must show up sometimes on weekends and Sunday mornings for perform. Whether that lines up with your own ministries at the church you attend, no one cares. It is all about showing off at the Romanian church. Like I said other churches do NOT matter nor your ministry to God elsewhere.
I love Logos Christian Academy! Great Romanian Christian school! Teachers are great and care about you individually as a person.
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Horrible. Words cannot begin to explain how much I hated it here. No preparation for college, no sports, no clubs/activities, nothing. Bullying and problems everywhere. Save your money and your children's lives too.
Terrible. No other word could explain how much I could not wait to get out of here. I disliked every minute I spent there , and I saw absolutely no improvement in any category of this school. I entered college with no valuable information for my education. If you think about sending your child here , do not. They will be heavily judged by teachers , especially considering there is no diversity whatsoever.
It seems like with every year that goes by, this school worsens in, not only it's conduct but also in students and teachers as well. Deals with too much favoritism. If you are NOT wealthy/the child of a teacher, you will get treated very poorly. The relationship between all students is the worst I've ever seen, especially between high schoolers. No student seems to portray the character of a Christian child. Gossiping, rumors, bullying, in every child.
Logos Christian Academy was my second home. With teachers being actively involved with making sure their students receive the best education and are as prepared for college as possible, the students and faculty felt more like family to me.
It was a great experience. the teachers there are very supportive and caring of you. they take the the time to teach and explain the courses material. you could meet with teachers after school and they would take the time to explain.
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