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Logos provides a great education and thoroughly prepares you for college. They have a great program for getting scholarships and half of their last graduating class had full rides.
Logos is a christian centered school so if your looking Jesus this is the place for you. Chapel is also held here too, so if you like singing to the LORDDDD!!!! Come on by
My experience being a Logos Academy student was very calming and steady, in the sense of before I was a student at this school I was home schooled up until my sophmore year. There is a very welcoming ora amongst the staff and students. 8/10
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Logos Academy has been an excellent K-12 school for all of our children. The atmosphere of the school is warm, respectful, and appropriately challenging.
From Kindergarten to my senior year, Logos gave me a truly wonderful experience. The entire place is like a second home to me! I learned things I'm certain I would've never learned in public school, the teachers always cared about me as a person, and the opportunities given (and taken!) while I was there were astounding.
For eleven years of my education, I have attended Logos Academy, a very diverse school in York City, Pennsylvania. At Logos, I am the only white male in my class and have been for the majority of those years. My five siblings and I are the de facto racial minorities in school and social settings. In this country, where white people are the privileged majority, I would not change the experience of being a racial minority in my school setting. Some may think this odd or strange, but I consider it special. For years, I have been given the gift of friendship with students of color, and the privilege of seeing their unique home life and cultural practices. This has given me an experience that many of my white, suburban peers have not been able to enjoy. I have learned to see people who are ethnically and socioeconomically different from me as valuable image bearers of God, and friends who enrich my life at Logos Academy.
Amazing place to learn and grow! Highly recommend. This school has far exceeded my wife and my expectations. Kind teachers, and challenging curriculum never fails to keep my daughters engaged.
Ever since my admission in 2014, I've always had the feeling that my school would achieve growth with every year, and every new student that the year would bring. Not only have I seen this through the faith that us as a small community portrays, but with our cultural values and size, I've noticed that our development will have a major impact on the surrounding community in the years to come.
I'm in the tennis club.
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