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Loganville High School provided me with challenging classes, work-based learning, playing for the soccer team 4 years in a row. I didn't eat the cafeteria food too often (I brought my own), but my peers did. The lunch environment was pleasant. Teachers are friendly, helpful while providing me with challenging classes. I was able to take a class leading to my healthcare, sports medicine. I also took a classes in Early Childhood Education and became certified to teach pre-k at a student level. Media Center was very friendly and accommodating. I was part of several clubs HOSA for students going into health care, Beta and National Honors. I also was part of Multicultural Appreciation Club for a few years.
I liked how some teachers really did care for their students and tried to help them in every way possible. I wish it was more diverse!
Overall it was a great school. Most of the teachers were great and I learned so much from them, especially my advisement teacher Ms. Pohlel and Mrs. Born.
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I was in Loganville High School for my full 4 years. It has been a blast to learn and make friends in a fun manner. The teachers are all nice if you treat them with respect. 4 classes in a semester is pretty nice, but they are an hour and 30 minutes. You have a bad amount of time to get to your classes, so I recommend you to rush. Bathrooms are dirty and a lot happened in the bathrooms. Other than that, everything is average for a high school like Loganville.
It’s a nice school but it’s overcrowded and there’s some favoritism in it and things I don’t agree with
My experience at Loganville High School would exceed anyone's expectations of a High School located in the royal parts of Georgia. Furthermore, the school has an amazing staff who are always willing to go the extra mile and help their students. The facility is always kept clean and up to date with the latest technology. the school is very inviting and has many clubs and organizations that someone can feel welcomed to join. I am part of the class of 2020 at Loganville high and I will proudly state that this school was an amazing school to get me on my feet. The teachers look ahead and not where you're at now. I would highly recommend Loganville High School to anyone in the area.
I liked Loganville High School overall. All of the teachers I've cared about their student's grades and were willing to reach out to the parents. I would the funding to the arts. I wished the school paid more attention to band and theater, but instead they paid attention to sports like baseball and softball.
This school lacks diversity and inclusion. This school did not have many sports available nor clubs. However, the school did meet my academic standards. Based on my experience I would not highly recommend this school.
What I liked most about Loganville High School is the fact that the learning environment is very subtle. The teachers motivate the students and encourage us on a daily basis. The teachers are very patient in terms of making sure we understand what we are learning. The students are friendly and show a great deal of school spirit. It's also very welcome to diversity. Loganville has helped me shaped me into the person I am today.
Loganville High School academics and clubs are very informative and helpful when it comes to preparing for the real world. The school also helps prepare every student for what they want to do afterschool in their own way.
Loganville High School is a great high school with caring faculty and staff. I've always felt welcome and we have a great student body.
Loganville high is a good school. Overall, the school offers a safe environment for its students and provides decent meals. I have never felt unsafe during my time as a student. There is always like at least one teacher who I could talk to about anything. Punishment is swift, and misconduct is always taken very seriously.
Loganville High School was simply just a high school. Nothing about it was outstanding, but that being said, nothing about it was bad. Sure, you had groups and cliques, but you're going to get that at any school. There was never much drama between students, which I found to be a good thing. I felt that there was not enough after-school involvement available. It was either sports or tutoring. I was not aware of any art-type involvement with the school other than theater and chorus (which I was in for 3 years). All-in-all, it's a decent school in a growing area with a focus on sports.
When I went to LHS, I would say it was a good experience. Most of the teachers and staff there are very kind and understanding. I feel like thats due to the size of the school. There are approximately 1,500 students that attend the school. Unlike other major city schools, LHS allows the teacher to connect with the students. They are "more down to Earth" and empathize with the students. Some of my best friends that I still talk to I met at this school. So my friends coupled with some incredible teachers created an awesome high school experience.
I am a senior at Loganville high school. With being at this facility for all four years of my high school experience, I feel as though That Loganville high school is an excellent school. Many if not all of the teachers care about their students and want each student to succeed. Each and everyone of Loganville High School’s staff is very helpful towards the students . The lady’s in the front, counselors, lunch lady’s , teachers, janitors, the administration and the schools bus drivers all have an impact on every student who attends Loganville High School. Each day these people strive to make each day better than the last all while keeping each student safe. I am glad to complete my journey as a high school student at this school.
The school is too focused on athletics. There are not enough AP classes. About half of the teachers I had were completely sub-par. They did give out scholarships which was nice.
What I love about Loganville High School as a senior is that all the teachers are working to make the students succeed. This school is all about academic and everyone is here to get an education and graduate. That is way our school is so drama free because very one has a goal. The students is to learn and the teachers is to help us succeed in any way possible.
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Loganville is an outstanding school, they have involved with all their. The teacher at Loganville are amazing they work with the students and seem to care more about the children then other school I have went to. Its very family friendly and everyone is always kind to one other. I really enjoy going to Loganville and I am very glade to call it home.
I would like to see a change most in food, what I like the most about loganville high school is that you get really good help from teachers and students.
At Loganville High School, I have heard many different opinions and reviews of the school, and a lot of people complain, but I have found no huge reason to do so. I have had a good high school experience, and I understand that it is difficult for the administration to make everyone satisfied with the way things are run. Loganville High School has many good teachers. Those who try hard and work to succeed in more advanced classes are able to interact with more mature students that care about their grades and their future. Any school can receive negative reviews; it all depends on the student. I like my teachers and the administration, and I respect their efforts. The main complaint I find with this school is the building itself because of how many bugs venture in and how the air conditioning is broken most of the time, but I understand that it is a result of the school being old. Overall, I believe Loganville High School is highly capable of providing students with a good experience.
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