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Save your money. Terrible experience. Small town school. Not even covenant Christian. Run by a family. If you’re not a family friend they don’t care about your child. But they’ll gladly take your money.
I love my school because it provides a great environment to learn, grow, and become closer to other classmates and students, as well as God. They have provided a learning habitat that is natural and adaptable for new students.
It is an amazing Christian environment where students are encouraged to thrive. Teachers and administrators strive to prepare students academically, socially, and spiritually for God's call on their lives. Teachers care about each individual student and are extremely easy to talk to.
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I attended Loganville Christian Academy from freshman year to senior year. I loved the atmosphere at LCA. Everyone is friendly and the staff is always there to help. The teachers help prepare their students for college, and they genuinely care for their success. I met some of my best friends at this school and still hang out with them until this day. LCA is a perfect option for Christian students who want a quality college-prep education.
I’m being honest when I say this. My expectations weren’t even that high. I was actually excited to come to a school that apparently believed in God. I was tired of spiritual death at public school. When I got here I saw how much the student body consumed drama, sex, drugs, negativity, and a spiritual deadness beyond anywhere I have previously seen. In my opinion, I see these other reviews and it’s hard because a lot of these people are calling themself Christian, but think that all it takes to get to heaven is being a good person and that Jesus was a white dude with blue eyes. The Christian walk is serious and I feel like the student body doesn’t take it seriously. They legit don’t care. At public schools your child can be open to choose, but here they’ll feel grow to see the sorrow of failed Christianity. I respect the staff for praying for the school. I send my respects and honor. But in this review I’m just being honest.
I have been a student at Loganville Christian Academy since kindergarten. Attending this school has helped me grow into a better person as well as a better student. My teachers always encourage me to apply myself in all of my classes, all while offering a positive role model for students to look up at.
Loganville Christian is a great school. Everyone is so welcome, never letting anyone feel like they don’t belong. I am so lucky that I am privileged enough to go there.
The teachers really invest in the students' lives and help in any way they can. There are lots of opportunists here and if there is some club or sport they don't have that a student wants, anyone can start a club or sport. The school environment is very welcoming and friendly!
Like it’s good academically, just the environment amongst the students spiritually is more dead than the squirrel I ran over in my pick up truck last week. The school is trying and that’s good. God is pleased with that and I commemorate them for trying and praying, but I’ve talked to some students and they’ve told me how them and others feel the spiritual deadness amongst peoples attitudes. I enjoy parts of it like the linch cause it’s long and academically my grades are high cause the classes be too easy sometimes. But socially the environment is split into cliques. I mean if u wanna send ur kids here, pray about it, like really pray, make sure God 100% wants you to go so that it’s not a mistake. Again the school doing good in trying to show God to the students. That’s a good thing, just the environment could use a defibrillator, ya know. The thing doctors use to shock patients back to life. Yea that. But I mean other than that, keep up the good work. God bless y’all.
I loved the companionship that you feel when youre here. the students are so welcoming and there's a very diverse crowd that it is easy to find the place where you fit in perfectly. The staff is caring and compassionate, they are grateful and I can tell that they really care about their students.
I have attended Loganville Christian Academy since kindergarten, and am going to be graduating in May of 2019. Attending LCA has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Between the Christ-centered education, caring teachers, and family-like atmosphere, this school has provided me with a strong foundation as I prepare to go to college and out into the world.
My 2 children have been at LCA for 5 years and we could not be happier. The teachers and staff are top notch. The academics are the best around. My children get one on one attention when needed. We also love the genuine and constant focus toward Jesus and the future.
LCA is an amazing place to start your education. LCA has the best teachers and administrators that you can get. In fact, many alumni come back and join the staff. LCA is built up of some of the most devoted staff there is who is there to teach the students how to be more like Christ. LCA loves and cares highly about all of the students, parents, grandparents, and the rest of the family members who walk on campus. The atmosphere on campus is warm, pleasant, and inviting. They are there for you when you need them. I could not reccomend LCA any more highly.
We moved our two children from St. John Neumann to LCA and it was the best thing we ever did for our children. They have flourished into self-confident, assertive and well rounded individuals with a deeper understanding of the role God plays in our lives. LCA provides a nurturing environment with excellent academic standards. The teachers are wonderful and we love LCA!
We have 3 daughters at LCA. It is such a blessing to be able to drive off campus after morning carpool in total peace due to the environment being provided for them. Cannot imaging entrusting so much time and growth of my girls to any other institution.
LCA has been the foundation of my education. I have attended since 7th grade. In that time I have had some wonderful teachers that have went above and beyond the school bell to help future my education. The school has been growing for as long as I've been there while still keeping to the Christian beliefs and small town feel.
I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without LCA! It’s not just an education, it’s a family! They always pushed us to be our best when in school, and they even support and celebrate us after graduation!
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I love LCA. I have been a student here for 6 years and I could not imagine a better high school experience. I am not heavily involved in sports but I know that those who are in the athletic department are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for the athletes. The fine arts department is wonderful. Though the theatre has limitations, the work that is put into performances is evident. It has been an honor to perform on that stage. The teachers are some of the most caring people I have ever met. They take time to invest in you as a student not only in academics but also in life in general. I love this school very much and I would highly recommend sending your children to LCA.
I have gone to this school since first grade and can honestly say that there is no place I would rather be. LCA provides a safe and positive learning environment while also providing all the social aspects of other schools. I can honestly say that it is like having one big family with staff members that would do anything for you and friendships that will last forever. I has been such a blessing to grow up in a Christian learning environment and have a challenging academic program as well! So thankful for the time I have spent as I will be graduating this year!
This is our second year at LCA, and our boys like it here. Environment matters, and the positive student culture that is purposefully developed at LCA is evident around campus. A love for the Lord, joy in serving others, and spirit of excellence are just a few of the "small" things that make it a great experience.
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