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Logansport High School Reviews

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My experience at Logansport was amazing! It’s a smaller school so everyone knows each other. The teachers get along well with the students. Everyone loves how supportive we our towards our school! Especially the football team. The education is just right for everyone. The schools keeps a safe and happy environment for our students and staff. I can’t wait to hopefully return back to Logansport to become a part of the great staff!
Logansport High School is a very close knit school. There are always new opportunities for your future here. However, in the past few years the staff has gone down and it shows some the underclass students.
LHS is a very small-town feel type of high school. Everyone knows each other. They offer the base core 4 classes plus a small sum of extra classes. If I had to change something it'd most likely be what teachers teach what and the effectiveness of administration.
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The supportive teachers and the motivation from my peers throughout my high school career had encouraged to succeed at all obstacles that I hade to endure while attending Logansport High School. Since the school is located in a rural area, there isn't a significant amount of students that attend the school. The high school and middle school students both share the same building due to our small number in scholars. I believe the classes such as Home Education and other subjects that provide the learning skills on how to survive without relying on others should be provided to the students of LHS. In my own opinion, children living in rural communities should be informed on how to strive at the basics of life as a young adult in a city or any other environment that they are not familiar to. As a senior who has attended LHS ever since the 9th grade, I've realized how important and beneficial it would be to allow these kinds of programs into the Logansport High School curriculum.
Logansport has many academic advantages for such a small school, such as its policy on paying for high school students to enroll in college classes in place of three regular courses. However, they’re definitely focused on test scores more than each students academic achievement. It seems as if they care more about if you can pass a test than if you’ve actually learned the material. But over all it’s a good school.
Logansport High School has added many programs for certification while getting a diploma. These programs enable students such as myself, have a head start in the workforce as well as a post-secondary education. I hope in the future that Logansport will continue to build on to these programs that are broadening the opportunities for their students. I would also like to see more of a diversity in ethnicity. The more students with different cultural backgrounds, the less close minded Logansport students will be. Furthermore, there wouldn't be such a cultural shock for many of my peers when introduced to the workforce. In conclusion, Logansport High School need some improvements in my opinion. However, they prove to be on the right path to accomplish those goals.
The small school atmosphere was helpful in that the class sizes were not over crowded. The school has a nice diversity of all backgrounds and for the most part, we are united and feel like a family. There is an excellent support system with the staff and parents as well. The balance between academics and athletics is top notch and we as a school succeed at both.
Logansport High School in my opinion is a great school to attend. From my personal experience I would recommend anyone to attend this school. There's an apportunity for everyone to succeed and get a good education. I liked everything about the school staring from teacher to clubs and sports they have it all. One thing I would like to change would probably be the lunch menu. It wasn't bad but they cloud make it better and healthier.
Logansport High School is a decent school for every small town kid, but it would not be my first choice. The school system and district are some type of a joke although their academics are decent. I would to see Logansport actually have a long term principal and even staff.
I transferred to this school a year ago and the students take their academics a lot more serious here . I'm proud of the atmosphere and the school spirit everyone possesses.
LHS is a very tight knit family. We all support each other in sports and academics. Coming from a very small town, this enables each of us to perform to the best of our abilities.
I loved logansport high school for their relaxed but learning environment. Plus it was in my hometown and everybody knew everybody. They are an excellent small school, you get plenty of one on one help. There is also many opportunities outside of school hours to improve. One thing I would like to see change is the softball and baseball athletic program. No one really supports either one of them.
It's a lot of things to get involved in at this school.
Some teachers even go out of the way by recognizing me in my accomplishments and getting me college hours while still in high school.
All teachers make sure tha us students learn what we're suppose to.
Multiple clubs at my schools are very involved with the betterment of our school and also the students attending.
Altogether, I enjoyed my time spent at Logansport Highschool. The fact that my school is home to a small town plays a huge factor in this. Generations of my family and many others have went to this same school so the connections to my fellow classmates are more in depth.
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Throughout my high school life, my teachers have displayed an overall interest and dedication to their students. I believe they carry a "no child left behind mentality".
My school is great because there are great adults there. They train and teach you the way you should be taught. Also, sports are very great!
I enjoy attending Logansport High School. The overall environment is laid back. In saying this, I still learn all the materials necessary and preform to the best of my abilities. The educational process is a very strict, but enjoyable, one.
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