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Logansport Community High School Reviews

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I couldn't imagine going to any other school for my high school years. The teachers are polite and help you when you need it. The make you feel comfortable to ask questions. I personally don't see a lot of bullying if I see any at all. I love the support the community gives us in sports and academics. I could not imagine not being a part of this school and I hope everyone has a similar experience I did throughout my year here in Logansport High School.
My experience at Logansport High School has been interesting. There's been so many opportunities to do activities and clubs and each chance I've taken has been a worth while experience. The classes there are average but diverse by the students and each personalities at the classroom.
In the two years I was part of Logansport high school I got the chance two experience many activities and clubs. Teachers are one of my favorite things in this school because they care about their students and prove that they are able to help those students in help.
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I love the staff and the environment. We have one of the best principals out there. It was a very inclusive school.
The teachers here are AMAZING. A lot of them actually enjoy their jobs, and they enjoy the students that they teach. We have a lot of opportunities to go and learn in the Career Center, which is really good to have some learning experiences in an actual field of study that we want to go into (it varies from auto and machinery to health care). My time there has been fantastic and plus we have a really nice auditorium that is funded by a very generous trust fund.
I think Logansport High School has given me numerous opportunities to further my education beyond a high school level and has allowed me to take dual credit classes and classes that are based on my intended major. I think I wouldn't be as advanced as I was without my dual credit classes.
I enjoyed all of the opportunities given at Logansport High School. Logansport High School gives every student the opportunity to get a head start on their career pathway.
The school spirit is unmatched! Everywhere you look is Felix, the oldest mascot in the state of Indiana. I have had so many great opportunities and experiences created by LHS.
Making friends was so easy, everyone is kind. Every teacher makes sure that you are learning all material with making it fun. The games, choirs, pep rally is all amazing.
The four years I was at Logansport High School was some of the best years of my life because the community there is so loving. The teachers really care about you and your education. They take time not only to teach you about the subjects, but about life in general. My teachers contributed to the young lady I am today.
The teachers and other staff are great and make it clear that they want everyone to be successful. The downside for this school is the amount of energy that is put into serving the nonacademic students. The career center has very limited offerings for substantial careers outside of nursing and construction. The "top academic students" are left to fend for themselves while the students who have no inerest in becoming well rounded are catered to and ushered along.
Logansport Community High School is a very warm and caring educational environment. The teachers are passionate and driven, while the curriculum meets standards and even goes above and beyond. They offer a multitude of college level and dual-credit courses that easily transfer to your university. I have not known of many other schools that are as unique and prideful as Logansport Community High School. I hope that one day my children can attend this school or a school just like it, although that would be hard to find. The atmosphere at Logansport Community High School is one like no other. The school and the community are involved and invested, which makes this place so unique.
I like how together our student body is. We are a small school yet it's always fun and we always accomplished different goals together. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. The teachers are awesome and will many of us students love the school.
The teachers are willing to help the students, stay after school to help students and go out of their way to help students if they need it.
This school has a wide range of academic and athletic opportunities. The staff cares about their students and getting them to pass each class. The administration cares about the future of every student and works hard to socialize with everyone to get to know their students.
I love how diverse Logansport High School is. The teachers try their best to make a personal connection with you and teach you valuable lessons.
Logansport High School is one of a kind. Although there are always some things we all wish we could change, this high school isn't the first thing to come to mind. While everyone complains about school lunches, I like to focus on what's truly important, my education. Logansport High School has plenty of courses to offer to prepare students for their bright future ahead.
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I love the my school. I love the teachers and the faculty. I have learned a lot in my four years at LHS and I will always be a Berry. No matter where I go or what I do I will always be a Berry. The only thing I could say needs improvement is the food but what can I say I think all school food is gross.
Zero Tolerance Policy for non- preppy kids
Wrestlings Awesome! Ping Pong Clubs growing son!!!!!
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