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Logan View Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like Logan View High School because of the size of the student body. It is small enough that allows students to be involved with anything they wouldn't be able to in a larger school district. The only thing I would improve on is bring in subjects like Jr ROTC which provides students instruction in the military science.
I like the small school feeling of Logan View; everyone knows everyone so you get close with almost everyone. The bonds you form with teachers are amazing as well - you really get the one-on-one experience. However, word spreads around quickly so small issues turn into big issues rather quickly.
good teachers and staff. Most teachers care about your future, creating a nice environment to work in. to much focus on sports
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At Logan View you get the opportunity for a very small student to teacher ratio. There are about 50 students per grade making it easy for teachers to be able to help students individually if needed. Even slightly larger towns usually have much higher numbers than this. The nearby city has a high school with over 300 students in one grade. The staff are also always so friendly and the content is so helpful. There is a lot of helpful classes to prepare you for careers and even college readiness information. Overall, it is a place that wants to help you to succeed if you are willing to put the work in.
I like the atmosphere and how welcoming all of the teachers and students are. They make you feel like you are important and there is always something exciting going on around the school. There is also a lot of activities that the administrators or students in clubs throw that are very fun.
The thing about Logan View is that it is good in the academics part, but for activities it leans towards sports more than anything. Our drama department is often made fun of by students for being awful and that’s due to not having enough time to practice because sports take priority. Also, some of the administration should not be there. It is wrong how many people get away with awful things.
I liked the teachers, and the students. I would like to see the school go under better administration.
There are a large variety of extracurricular activities here and I think that everyone could find something here that they would like to take part in.
They are really friendly, but they also try to get the students ready for the real world and situations like with certain assignments and projects. Some this that they do is strict has a reason and meaning to it, it's not just because they want to make it had. They do it to show that it's not all going to be easy out in the world and so you're always going to expect hard work to face.
I'm really satisfied with the the challenge my students are given in their classes.
The teachers are always willing to help the students, and the consistently push students to improve!
I love the teachers not the administration.
They help out alot, and make it a fun environment.
Successful people come from here.
Always a good and important thing to be involved throughout highschool.
I am just a picky eater.
I love being in Logan View. Since it is not a large city school, we get to know everyone. Most of the teachers here are great and know how to get us focused. If I could, I would definitely choose to go to Logan View again because it is a close-knit community.
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The extracurricular activities at school are great. The only issue I would have is that some groups are run by a teacher with less experience in the activity.
Students are not allowed to bring water bottles to class unless they have a doctor's note. This policy is ridiculous because most of us are in sports and need water. The need to visit a doctor just to drink water in class is tedious. It would be understood that students shouldn't bring soda in class. Beside this issue, I believe the other policies are fine.
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