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I graduated two years ago and overall had a good high school experience. The building itself needs work but the school is efficiently ran. I had mostly good teachers who cared about their students. I don’t think the school adequately prepared me for college. I wasn’t prepared in math or English, I struggled my first semester in college. I see many improvements that the administration could address and find answers to.
Logan Senior High School has amazing teachers, academics, and Clubs. I would like to see more diversity and resources.
I like the family feel environment. The people in the community support you . I have been apart of Logan basketball since I was 5 and in buddy league now a always see blue n gold. That’s why Logan will always be home. A lot of people transfer trying to find some place to fit in but for me there was no other place I would rather play. Once a WILDCAT always a WILDCAT for me!
The teachers were there for me. If I had a question if they didn’t know the answer they would help me in finding the answer.
To me you were never just a number but you were a student that everyone knew by name.
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I like the teachers and how they help you throughout your high school experience the staff is amazing and the sports are great
Here at Logan High School you can find dozens of teachers and staff that are dedicated to changing the lives of the youth in Logan County. At Logan High School we do not have the funds that we wish we had, but I believe that every penny is put towards our students. Unfortunately, we do not have the technology or college prep that would help prepare the bright minds at this school. The drug epidemic in Logan, West Virginia has drastically increases because of the rise in poverty; however, there are some of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. The teachers at Logan High do more than just teach, they nurture and mold the minds of their students. The sports programs at Logan are a fantastic way to become a part of a family and grow into a better overall person. Overall I believe that Logan High School doesn’t have the best academic record, but we have the best people you could ever meet.
I have attended Logan schools since elementary. My experience has not been the greatest. One thing I love about Logan is the teachers I personally have had and the friends I have made. Logan has a lot of things that could change, like diversity. The school majority Caucasian. We could have more reasource officers to feel safer. A lot of the more diverse students are treated unfairly so that needs to change.
Logan Sr. High School attempts to educate students with the limited resources they have, yet this proves to be a challenge as multiple officials within the schools administration have been proven to take funds from said schools budget and used it for self gain. Logan Sr is located in a poor county, in one of the poorest states with low education funding. If students wish to prepare for college they must do so almost independently.
The teachers are often putting their own feelings above that of their students' and only becoming a teacher for the money. The school is also filthy and outdated as there is almost no new technology in the school, and there are rodents and bugs dominating the classrooms.
I enjoyed being a part of the AP classes offered, and while not all of the teachers show how much they care, you can tell by the way they teach and their willingness to help that they care about our success. However, the restrooms are not in the best shape, and the administration does not treat every student fairly, both of which I would like to see a change with. The food is not the best, but it is tolerable.
Logan High School is an awesome school. The staff concerns for every student who attends. When kids are away for several day when they return the staff will ask if they are okay. Its a small town around here but everyone is welcome! Very awesome school.
I would love to change the favoritism. Logan high has a tendency to make a difference between students. If you’re not popular then you’re nothing. The only good thing besides some and I repeat some teachers was Mrs.Stanley. She was truly there for me.
They have their favorites which means that the students other than athletes can go around and do anything. Even when they try to enforce new rules they are always looked over by the athletes.
At Logan Senior High School, learning becomes fun, even when the subject isn’t. The teachers employed there are the most kind,caring individuals you will ever meet. They would do anything for their students. Those teachers are the people who made my high school years the best and most memorable.
Overall I enjoy Logan High School. The academics are mostly satisfactory and we have an excellent staff who cares for the students. Although, the building is very old and is not completely sanitary in all places. The biggest downfall I find with Logan High School is the lack of discipline. Many things come together to make this school, but it’s home to me, and I love it.
Not all teachers have much to offer, but the ones that do are great! Resources are not very good. Most classes are easy, however you can find teachers that will challenge you and make you grow and prepare you for college.
At the end of the day Logan High School has its flaws, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend the last four years anywhere else. I have made the best memories and learned so much from my little hometown high school!
Logan High School provides students with the necessities to have a decent education; however, it does have its flaws. The main issue is that there are teachers who do not teach the content they should or do not teach at all. There are teachers at Logan High School that do try and care for the quality of their teaching, but the teacher's who do not care, harm the students' right to learn as well as there determination to further pursue educational programs.
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My experience with Logan Senior High school is moderately pleasant. I am upset that so many students in my school smoke in the restrooms, and I think the school could monitor the students going in and out of the restrooms. My school also focuses entirely too much on sports, and I would like to see that change. I am proud of my school when it comes to sports; however, the school should give the same recognition to academics. Students who participate and thrive in academics do not get any recognition, and I think that should change.
I think overall LHS is a great school. There are many teachers who really do care about you and want to see you succeed. One of the best things the school offers is the band. I have been in the band all 4 years of high school and it has been the best decision I have ever made and it has helped me realize what I want to do with my life after high school. I believe that there are many other organizations and programs at LHS that do the same for others and that is why I like it.
The sports are fantastic at this school!
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