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Logan-Rogersville High School Reviews

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I love the teacher at my school. They are all so helpful and understanding when it come to you needing help with a subject. They want what is best for their students.
Overall, my experience at Logan-Rogersville High School has been amazing. I have been in this school district my entire schooling career and enjoy the community that this school creates. However, the area that this school lacks in is college preparation. There could be some serious improvements to better prepare students for college.
the teachers are rude, the students are rude. the sports teams suck. administration doesnt care about student problems unless the student is sport related. there are some great teachers like ledl and stewart but there are teachers that dont care about the students at all. the vice principle is just rude all of the time and the principle is only nice when shes being forced to.
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There's so much stuff we learn and half of it is from like 50 years ago. We don't talk about today's issue in this world. We are always learning stuff from a long time ago, it gets really boring and makes you want to fall asleep in class. I feel like I learned more about life from our new choir teacher and how to be responsible in life from the theatre.
I attended Logan-Rogersville for my last two years of high school. The adjustment to a new school was rough but eventually, I met some life long friends that made it bearable. The teachers I had were extremely helpful and dedicated to their careers. This school also has some dual credit classes which allowed me to be ahead of the game in college.
I greatly enjoy going to school in a small town knowing almost all the kids in my grade. I can constantly bind new relationships on a day to day to basis whether it be in the halls or with them in classes it is always fun. I also enjoy our student council and the experience they bring to the school is just a whole other level and I seriously love it. I would never say I would want to go to school anywhere else because I got everything out of my high school experience in Rogersville.
The school facilities are very nice but the teachers were hit or miss. Some were clearly not engaged or respectful of their student's time and capabilities.
Logan-Rogersville is a school that strives very hard to be the best that it can. Administrators always sets high goals for the students to achieve that help them and the school district. The teachers at Logan-Rogersville are also very good at what they do. Our teachers strive to prepare us for college and teach us the subject in detail. Our sports teams are also huge in our school and our coaches push us to be the best in every division we compete at. Our facilities are also very up to date and everyone really enjoys them. I would love to see our school become more advanced in technology.
Teaching staff members are all amazing. Only downside is how certain athletes are favored by coaches due to how much money they have or who all you know.
I've gone to Logan-Rogersville since I was old enough to attend school. The principle of the high school seems to truly care about each student, though some might say otherwise. The staff and faculty are friendly and the majority of the teachers do a good job at teaching their students the materials.
I love Logan Rogersville but there are some things I would love to change! I feel as if our school stepped up the college readiness, it would help so much more. Now, the school does to a decent job, but I truly feel that if they stepped it up a little more, it would be more beneficial for all the students here. I would also change the way some teachers teach. They expect us to instantly understand what they are telling us and they hardly ever really care if you understand the concept or not. For the most part, Rogersville is great school, but those are just some things I would love to see change.
I liked the commitment that the teachers had to their students. I always felt like someone was looking out for me, and that made me work even harder because I knew if I stumbled I'd be able to get the help I needed.
I really liked how if there was a situation or incident that happened we would all come together and support one another. What would I change about this school? That's a tough question. I would probably change the text book situation. Making books a more reliable source instead of having them online.
It's great, everybody knows everybody. There are great teachers and staff that are willing to help with anything.
My experience has been alright. It has had its ups and downs with certain unfair teachers, bullying, school lunch issues, and lack of available classes.
Some of the teachers are very devoted to their work, while others performance varies based on how well a game went or how their players are doing. There are too many coaches in the school system who don't really want to teach; they just do it so they can get paid to relive high school athletically.
There are many different school clubs and activities to become involved with. You can be a part of more elite organizations such as National Honor Society or you can join other clubs which are open to everyone such as Future Teachers of America. Some of the most popular clubs at our school are Key Club and Future Business Leaders of America. They are very interactive and push students to become involved in activities regarding the club. My personal favorite is the World Language Club. Students are exposed to multiple cultures and traditions in a fun setting.
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I would choose this high school over again because it provides something for everyone. There are multiple clubs for any sport, academic, or personality out there. You don't have to just play a sport, you can play that sport as well as be a member of the chess club or the World Language Club. Students are not restricted to a so-called "label" that plagues many schools. My favorite experiences are at the pep rallies. The whole school comes together to support all sports and academics while laughing and having fun.
The teachers genuinely care for their students.
There were a lot of good teachers.
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