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I have been an employee for 16 years and have loved my experience with our students, staff, and families.
When your child reaches a point that all the help you offer – including therapy and the most comprehensive local programs – is not enough to keep them safe and help them get healthy, you are faced with a very difficult decision… to consider placing them in a residential facility. When we finally knew that it was time to get our son this level of treatment, we did a lot of research to find the right place. But it was still a scary decision. We finally chose Logan River Academy (LRA), and we feel very fortunate for having found them.

If you also have to make the same decision, you are no doubt looking fearfully at some negative reviews among the positive ones. The truth is LRA cannot simultaneously be terrible and a positive, healing place.

My son was not happy about being there at first, but he says it helped once he started working with the program. It has not been a straight path to healing, but he has made progress – and continues to. And for this, we are grateful.
Excellent staff and genuine effective therapeutic programs. Therapists are attentive and professional
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I worked for this company for many years before relocating and really had a wonderful experience. Great environment that treats employees with respect and give them the tools they need to succeed.
This is such a great program! The therapists, staff, and teachers go above and beyond to help every student individually. I’ve worked here for about 9 months now and adore it. It’s a program built to help you grow and so there are ups and downs for every journey but every down is given all the support we can from a whole team and every single up is celebrated completely.
I have worked at Logan River Academy for 18 years. I feel it a privilege to work here and love our students and families.
Great school & clinical experience. People here really do care about the students. We have off campus activities twice a week that make it fun to live in logan
Logan River has been a fabulous place to work and I have personally seen it be integral in changing students' lives for the better. A wonderful place!
We placed our son here 10 months ago. He is on the Autism spectrum, and hadn't attended school in almost a year. He was depressed and had severe anxiety. He has done amazingly well with the help of an awesome therapist and some really caring teachers. They've given us back our son! I would recommend this school to anyone who is contemplating a placement like this. I've been to two GREAT parent seminars, meet other parents there, and have seen first- hand how much the staff really care about our son. The school itself is in such a beautiful setting, and I really like the small town vibe of Logan!
I am a former student from Logan River Academy I had a wonderful experience there!!! I found the staff to be very helpful, kind, and caring. I worked well with my therapist and enjoyed my stay there.
Let me start off saying that my therapist was awesome and the teachers and the front desk lady. But it’s very corrupt and abusive.
I loved my experience at Logan River Academy! So much I wanted to come back at times! The staff and therapists are caring and I got the help I needed!
I went here 12 years ago so it could have changed, but when I was there this place was horrible. The students were mentally and physically abused by the staff members and even put in solitary confinement at times. The "therapy" they offered was damaging and caused me to be afflicted with over a decade of ptsd.
Logan River Academy has made a positive difference in thousands of kids' lives. Their staff is dedicated and caring. Their founders are held in very high regard in the industry for being ethical and always putting the students' needs first.
The staff at LRA care about their students and work hard to provide a safe place to learn how to deal with their problems and become responsible adults. They include a variety of fun activities that also help them build confidence and encourage growth.
Our child had been to numerous other residential treatment centers before Logan River Academy over a period of years. Our child arrived at Logan River Academy after serious problems at the previous residential treatment center. Our child worked with Sean at Logan River Academy. Sean is an extraordinarily skilled and genuinely caring and compassionate therapist.; he is resourceful, wise, communicated excellently and clearly with us and with our child. He has integrity and warmth and a sense of humor. We can't praise him enough. Our child's life changed for the better thanks to Logan River Academy and Sean and now our child is where we had hoped, but not dared to realistically expect, our child could be. Our child came home and although there were still some problems, our child has been responsible, honest, accepting accountability, and once again the loving child we knew previously. We will always be tremendously grateful to Sean and the entire Logan River Academy staff.
I know this to be an excellent treatment center providing a quality educational experince along with emotional support for students having challenges. I have seen first hand the wonderful work they do and the positive change that helps young people who are struggling learn to overcome and believe in themselves. I highly recommend this program.
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Good lord, how is this place still open? They keep kids in tiny, solitary rooms when they act out in irrational ways (considering that most are there against their will, this should be the first thing they expect). While I was there, a fifteen year old was kept in the tiny room near devo for over two months never allowed to interact with the rest of the students. Also, I personally experienced anti-semetism and found no staff, even the good ones ( of which there are plenty)would do anything.
Logan river academy is dedicated to educating a wide range of students in a unique and effective way.
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