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Logan-Magnolia Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Here at Logan, we have a flex mode schedule. Pretty much it tries to look like a college class where you may or may not have that class everyday. We also have our own business that we run through some of the classes in school. The teachers help but its mostly student run.
The size of Logan-Magnolia is great. It is a small school, so you get the chance to get to know a lot of the people. The teachers are also very personal. Something that could use change is the food and the excitement in some teachers. Some teachers are very good at making it about the students and making sue each student exceeds, but there are other teachers who don’t listen to their students when they are asking to go over something or review something they don’t understand.
I really enjoyed the small class sizes and the relationships I had with my teachers. The science program is amazing and has really prepared for my college experience.
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It's fun here we have a variety of clubs and sports for all diffent types of people. Most of the teachers are nice. We all love to have a fun time
I liked going to a small town school where you know everyone, but I also don't like the small town school because everyone knows all of your business.
Although this school has its flaws, I couldn't think of going somewhere else. I enjoy that is a small community it makes everyone more close. Everyone is friendly and humble. I am friends with everyone and I feel that in a big school you don't get that opportunity. In a larger school many opportunities that I have gotten at my school wouldn't have been an option there.
Overall the teachers are high quality, but a few are low quality. Not all teachers treat students equally and they choose favorites. The teachers all have different styles when they teach. Some are strict about making it like a college class to prepare us when others make it more high school level.
There are so many clubs, or groups for students to get involved in. There really is something for everyone. The most popular is FCCLA.
If I had to go back to high school, this is the only place I would want to go. Because this is such a small school, you get to know the staff, and your classmates very well. This school was always so welcoming, and supportive, you always knew that your teachers were always there to help you, or even just talk about problems you were having. Some of my favorite experiences come from extracurriculars I was in. Other great experiences, are homecoming bonfires, and painting windows down town.
Overall this school has some of the best staff around! Most of the teachers go above and beyond to help students succeed. They were always willing to help you outside of class. Each teacher incorporates their own teaching style, which offers a variety of methods, so every student is able to learn. they are all interested in getting students involved in extra curricular. Really these teachers push their students to do their best everyday, in everything you do.
There is ALOT of homework. I could be doing 2 hours of homework for one teacher. There also is no Creationism taught or mentioned in our school. I think this aught to change. If my Christian student is to learn about evolution, shouldnt the others learn about Creationism?
Could use improvement but for the most part, great
This school is amazing!

The parents and students are amazing and really involved in everything and really step it up to help the teachers. Whether it's with supplying things for their classrooms or helping them prepare for the next day; they really help. Teachers are also very good at helping struggling students out with after school meetings and time during study halls or period breaks. Hopefully, this will continue until I graduate
The teachers here are very educated and kind
I would go to a entirely different school if I could do it all over again.
Most likely some of the poorest cafeteria food in the state. There is no variety, it is what they serve you and that is it. Yes there is a salad bar but other than that you have one option. I think I brought my lunch every day.
There is a lot to say about the administration & policies. The guidance counselor is the best faculty member the school has. The superintendent does not now anything on how to properly administrate. Other than that it is so so.
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The support for the main sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling are pretty great. The people in Logan live for those sports. But if you go to Logan to run track or cross country you might as well expect to made fun of. Cross country kids are very made fun and are treated as if they do not do a sport. No support whatsoever. If you want to be demoralized than run cross country at Logan-Magnolia.
I had some great teachers that I really enjoyed being in their class. But there was also the handful that was not that great and seemed to just use their power on the students. But what is nice is that the Better teachers teach the core classes such as math, science and English.
Logan has great extracurricular activities. There is more than enough for people to be apart of. There is also a great variety for the school of that size. I would say that Logan is known for having prestigious extracurriculars.
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