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So far my experience with Logan High has been a blast. I'm part of the band so we play at all of the home football and basketball games or at least as many as we can which makes me feel more involved. There is a wide variety of clubs with some of them being clubs you couldn't even imagine being a club like fishing, cosplay, D&D, random fandom, etc. Another thing that I love about Logan High is their innovations program because I could work on any of my cores at my own pace for example last year I was working on Soph. math, eng., and science. I also managed to finish two science classes in my freshman year. They also have Gear Up which is partnered with USU to make sure that students are ready for college which includes tours, programs, and events. One thing that I wish could be changed is how the school looks especially in the cafeteria. They've made it modern but if you look in some places especially the cafeteria it does look like a large, glorified preschool.
A few things that I like about Logan High is the diversity that it has in it's students, backgrounds, and clubs. One thing that I love the most about Logan is the Innovations department because it allows me to work at my own pace for my cores so right now I'm working on my physics class for next year because I finished my biology. I love the fact that you can take concurrent classes, AP classes, and go up to B-tech where you can take classes in high school but still get college credit depending on how good you did on the test for AP or at a discount for the others. I also LOVE how all my teachers so far are actually very chill and laid back which make school a bit more bearable.
Two things that I wish was different with Logan is actually the interior, it is modern but it also feels like a large elementary school especially the cafeteria and how much you can take for classes and do but you can't get too carried away or else you have to take a bunch of classes for credits that you need.
terrible administration but average academics, dont really prepare you for college but could be worse
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Logan High is a wonderful school with a great culture that celebrates its diversity and students in a positive, unique way. The teachers care about the academic success of their students, and student life thrives.
My Logan high experience was what you would expect from a good high school, I made lots of friends and the environment was very safe.
LOGAN high is a very diverse high school, with amazing programs and teachers who are truly invest in your future. There are many high schools in my area but I chose to go to Logan High and I had a fantastic experience.
I really like a lot of the teachers and the students, but there are some teachers that seem like they don't care very much and some students that are difficult to be around. The school spirit is very nice and everyone seems very supportive.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at Logan High. I've had so many wonderful teachers that have really been able to help me on my path to success and that keep me interested in learning. The AP and Arts programs offered by the school are really excellent and their respective facilitators are very competent at what they do. There's also always so many chances for student involvement whether it be in clubs or athletics, both of which are very welcoming of all students.
I think we have an amazing school. Not only the teachers here help you and try to make your high school career easier for you and your friends. I don't think i would change much about the school only for there to be more student teacher one on one. I have a hard time focusing on things I don't understand. If I missed a day of school and we did something some teachers will just tell you to get the work off of somebody else in the class but they don't take more time and explain it to you. One other thing I would change about the high school is we have a rule where the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of class we are not allowed to leave and i think it should be only the first 5 and the last 5 minutes.
It has helped me develop new resources and gives me better chances at a good future. Has great clubs, and it's very common to have a week were you get to join activities.
Logan High was a great high school, it was fun and there are activities for all different types of people so that everyone can get involved. I came out as Transgender my junior year and all the teachers/administration were all so nice a accepting of my new gender and name and they made it so that I would be comfortable at the school.
Logan High school is a place where you feel at home, there are so many amazing and great opportunities given at Logan High school and there is never a day where there isn’t something to do. There are always great activities and sports events going on. Student involvement was the key for me when I was there. I just barley graduated and I feel very satisfied with how I ended my senior year. I was involved in student government, I was in a few clubs, I had received academic achievements such as scholarships on behalf of the Logan city school district. It becomes and feels great to know what you have done and see that all of your hard work paid off. The teachers there are amazing and will go the extra mile to help you out with whatever the students need as well. My overall experience with Logan High is something that I won’t ever forget!
I have only been going to Logan High since junior year, but honestly, I am not a huge fan. I mean I appreciate all the constant assemblies to get us involved, but the overall student body kind of lacks motivation. However, the majority of the teachers and students are good people and super caring/welcoming.
I liked the diversity and the AP/Concurrent Enrollment teachers that helped me get through high school. I also liked how there was a variety of things to do in order to participate in school life.
I like Logan High but I feel that the new administration has taken a toll on the quality of education I receive. Teachers are less motivated to do well. Many subjects have under-qualified teachers leading the class.
The teachers here are great, the students are friendly and the athletic and arts programs are equally funded. The administration is a pain to deal with, I would love to have somebody competent in their team.
I have really enjoyed my High School experience. Logan High offers a variety of activities, including an amazing art program, tons of varsity sports, a vast number of clubs, a great music program, and an extensive amount of AP classes. My favorite part is the student body, who for the majority are kind, welcoming, and full of school pride. There are, however, some policies which I don't necessarily agree with and I know that many other students and teachers have similar feelings. It is in no way a perfect school, but it has taught me many life lessons and has thoroughly prepared me for college and adulthood. I live in an area where I should technically be attending another High School, but my parents were adamant that I stayed in the Logan District due to it's vast supply of programs and great opportunities.
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Logan High school is Amazing. We are a very diverse school with lots of athletics and classes for anyone and everyone ranging from every major and interest. The teachers take each student seriously and respect us all, that also goes for the Administration. It is a very nice school with clean halls and classrooms. We have many great resources and Logan High School has a very fun atmosphere and is a great place to attend High school.
I would like the administration to stop caring about the numbers as much, and care about what the students want.
I love Logan High. We have so many great traditions and tons of school spirit. I've loved being a grizzly and participating in some of the many programs Logan High offers.
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