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I am proud to say some of the teachers in my High School got me ready for college. My English teacher was one of the teachers. She taught me how to write papers. I feel we need to make changes in the math department to help readiness for college.
What I liked about Logan high school was the sense of community. When you walk through the doors of logan high school you know that you are family and all the staff at the school will make you feel like home. The education provides is top-notch and the school really likes their sports.
Regular academic classes are sometimes on the easier side. Honors classes are however very difficult. The arts at the school are very demanding but very good. The school its self was beautifully built, and all of the students are very lucky to go there.
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There is a vast variety of academic courses to take that benefits you when preparing for college. Many of the teachers help you as much as they can, and want you to succeed. The faculty make sure to help you to feel welcome.
They have a variety of classes and many opportunities to have higher education (AP and CCP courses). Art classes are not funded enough. Classes and curriculum is too focused on testing and scores. Need better counselors and attendance code is too harsh.
The Logan High School is a better high school than the surrounding county's high schools. We have a pretty good amount of AP classes and a nice variety of science classes to take.
The building and grounds are great. Some students seem to be stuck and are overlooked in the system. It is more of the student's family name that ranks them other than that student.
I think the staff members are incredible. They seem to genuinely care about the safety and success of their students and try to make learning as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

Now as for the students... I've never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The average students' behavior is abhorrent. Smoking and fighting in the bathrooms, terrible behavior at dances. The students are the worst part, but the school overall is great. Also, the vocal music and theater departments are wonderful!
I really liked how teachers try their best to help us understand work and how to keep us safe. I would change the fact how only the main doors are unlocked usually. I think we should be able to buzz in as students, and that all the doors would be locked.
Love the school. The students are mostly awful, but that’s just me. The teachers are great, principals are very prim, proper and professional, and nice. The school is extremely nice, with two fully enclosed courtyards, two very large gymnasiums and a very nice theatre with a catwalk and sound booth on the second floor. Soon there will be a 2 million dollar field house with an indoor track, putting greens, tennis courts and more. This place has a bright future.
Logan High School is a beautiful school. Each grade has a variety of competitive students with great teachers to help them succeed. Sports are a big deal here at Logan High School and so are grades and whenever you need help it's right around the corner.
Great engineering program, gave me a real advantage when going to college. The school provides an opportunity to receive college credits while attending high school and not having to leave the high school campus.
I liked the opportunities presented. Although, especially as a senior, I feel very restricted in things I'm allowed to do.
For what southeast Ohio has to offer, this school is definitely high class. While the student body doesn't entirely get active with school activities, it has great academics and sports. Most of the teachers also know what they are doing.
It's not the best of high schools, but it's not exactly the worst either. I've been here for two years now and honestly, all I can think about is leaving this place. Maybe I'm just not the kind of person that's meant to enjoy the high school experience.
Logan High School offers a lot of extracurricular activities such as the Thespian Society, football team, NAHS, NHS, Beyond the Bell, and others. I really appreciate the love of sports and the arts in the school system. I enjoy taking French, Digital Imaging, and AP Art. There are a lot of college class opportunities in AP classes and there are high expectations. The a lot of the staff cares about the students, which is really important. I like the school lunches and the variety it provides. The school itself is really awesome. It feels clean and I like the architecture decisions. The theater is so amazing. It is big and has a great stage. There is a sound booth and a catwalk for lighting. Overall, it is awesome in quality.
The teachers are honest and try to prepare students for college and beyond.
What I like about this high school is that the teachers are awesome they help kids when they need help. The teachers try to help you get through high school.
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I absolutely love this school, I would recommend it to anyone, you just have to be willing to make the effort.
i feel safe at school
They aren't bad, nor very good.
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