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Logan High school is a great school surrounded by a small supportive community. The school is so good because of how small it is. Everyone knows everyone in the small school and it allows you for a better experience. The teachers care about your well being because they know your parents and your family. The friendships that are created here are unmatched anywhere else. The classes are small so you get a good education.
I liked that Logan Schools is a school in a small community. It is nice to know everybody in school on a first name basis. Also since it is a small school the students get a lot of one on one time with Teachers. Somethings I would change about Logan Schools is how the school is more focused on Athletics than Academics. I think that a schools main propose is to teach and prepare it's students for life and college.
Logan High School has given me so many opportunities since i started going there. My grades went up and I am now fourth in my class. The teachers are amazing and with the small classes, there is more hands on work with each individual student. One thing that I would like to see change is having career oriented classes. One thing about a small school is that the class options are very slim. Being able to have more options I believe would allow kids to be more willing to attend and enjoy school.
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My high school experience at Logan High School was/is great. The school has a huge amount of support from the community. Logan High School has a variety of sports and other activities to participate in. There is about 325 students in the entire school. That includes the elementary and high school. With a small amount of kids attending this school, its a great opportunity to make friends.
I have gone to this school since I was in pre-school. The teachers have always been wonderful, they help you anything you need. They make sure that you understand every thing that they are teaching. The culture of the school is amazing. Everyone gets along, they all look out for each other! Sports is a very good program at our school. No one is ever left out. Our clubs are wonderful and everyone is always doing something! Logan school is a good school and I would recomend it to anyonen
My experience with Niche was good. This is very easy to get through. One thing that could be changed is making it easier to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.
The truth of it is, if your name isn't on the football registration and you aren't a suck up, most teachers won't care if you pass or fail.
We have crappy equipment but everyone is supportive.
Well, to be honest, it is all about religion and sports here. Aside from that these's nothing.
Overall, I find this school stifling and arrogant.
The school is mostly just annoying
Students can't die their hair unnatural colors and guys have to have really short hair.
The food is nothing interesting.
The helpfulness and involvement from the principal is very involved. The principal goes around talking to the students. Solves problems that need to be solved. He helps and cares for every student can. He has a strict policy on something that need to be like bullying, and on other things he just does the best he can to make a good judgment on what needs to be done about the situation.
The social scene that is at my school is about even on everything except sports. I would say that the peer pressure and acceptance is about the same. The things are not as good as the others is the student involvement. The has school has students that are really involvement and same students that don't do hardly anything to get involvement. With that being I believe that every school has some area that their weak in.
The buildings at Logan High are very nice. We have recently had a new bell system installed and the security cameras updated.
Logan High School offers a variety of extra curricular activities. The sports they offer are boys football, girls volleyball, boys and girls cheer leading, boys and girls basketball, boys baseball, and boys and girls track and field. The organizations Logan High offers is the National Honor Society, FFA, 4H, and Chess Club.
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The health and safety is very important.
This a small school with not a lot to do.
The teachers goal is for the students success.
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