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I transfered to Logan High School my 7th grade year. It was the best decision that I have made in my life. Everyone here was so nice when I came here. I also like the small numbers. I will be a senior this year and my graduating class will have 13 people. Also the staff is very nice. If you have a problem, either school or home related, they will be willing to help and give you advice.
It is a pretty good school. Teachers are nice for the most part. College classes are available which is nice.
I would say this school is very much about popular last names. If you don't have the right last name you won't go anywhere in this school.
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Great school with people who really care - one big, happy family! Students get involved in a wide variety of activities and love the school too. No better place to call home
The school has a lot of school pride. They support each other in sporting events but lack in support of other activities.
They do ok in the classroom. Some are simply there to earn a pay check.
The school isn't a large one and it takes a lot of student participation to do after-school activities. I best described the devotion of the community and teachers earlier and I feel that it is supported in all extracurricular activities done at the school.
Coming from a farm community, we wanted to have an FFA program in our High School. There had been requests for this in prior year but no success in securing the program. My Freshman year the school administration was able to hire a Science Teacher that had experience in the agriculture field.

Ms. Green devoted so much time setting up the FFA program and working with us to develop everything that was necessary to get up and running. This was a big accomplishment for our small group. However, Ms. Green spent a lot of time training and teaching us on the judging practices and getting us ready for completion, while still being an excellent Science Teacher.

It did require more than just the teacher and students to make this work. The community came together to support the student and teachers. We were able to raise funds to participate in the judging events and attend a few other functions. We did very well in the Green Hand division that year and the success was because of the devoted teacher and the administration allowing us to attend the functions. Along with the support of the community which has continued through the years.

I think that is what makes this school unique. You have the support of the teachers and their willingness to give what it takes to make it work. Then the parents support when you need an assistant coach or a chaperon. This is all then backed up by the support of the community and willingness to make donations. You couldn't ask for much more.
The teachers want all the students to learn and excel. If you need additional help or don't understand something, they are willing to take the necessary time to explain it. They are encouraging and care teachers and want the best for the students.
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