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Overall this was a pretty good school to attend. The arts were greatly appreciated by the time I graduated, and the teachers would recognize the talent of students. They would all try to give students the best chance at success in all of their classes.
The teachers here care about all of their students. Everybody is so nice and it is very easy to get involved.
As a student at Logan High School for almost four years, I am proud to say I have accomplished many of my goals. Logan has provided me with great resources and opportunities towards advancing in my education. For example, the school has a future center that helps student with any questions regarding their careers or college choices. I have been using that as a tool to its greatest potential. The school itself is a great place to learn. It includes a welcoming environment that is easy for students to adapt to. The teachers and staff are also passionate when it comes supporting and helping students with their academics. Overall, the school has played a significant role in my pursuit towards future goals.
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This school provides many great opportunities to help students. They care about the student's education and provide my opportunities for us receive help. This school is filled with wonderful teachers who are caring and easy to get along with. Teachers and staffs are fun, kind and caring which made my experience with this school much more than just simply going to school.
Logan really is starting to embrace the arts unlike other high schools. There are some improvements to be made, for example, students do not have a lot of freedom compared to some schools and we are craving that. Logan needs a little more school support for activities other than football. I would love to see Logan students get excited about coming to school.
I like how the teachers were really trying to help you graduate. The place where Logan High School is a pretty nice neighborhood as well. It has a lot of school pride because of the neighboring high school Central.
Logan High School has very dedicated teachers who love their job and make it a priority for students to learn, you can tell that they care.
I received an excellent and well-rounded education at Logan. The arts programs were strong despite the school’s favoring for athletics over the arts. I was suffienctly prepared for college after attending Logan High.
I enjoyed my time a Logan High School. Logan High has many opportunities for students. The school care for every student by saying that Everyone at Logan High is like a big family. Sometimes there can be friendly compitions between the grades and the staff during events of the school. On the other hand, the school has a resource center that students can go in and ask about college. The center also provides peer-tutoring for subjects students are struggling in. One of the events that I enjoyed participating is the yearly Acdaemic Prep Assembly. The assembly is there to recognize and celebrate the achievements of students. Each year the assembly has a different theme which is decided by Ranger Renaissance, an student club that organizes the event.
Logan high school has an Amazing culture that no other school in the area comes even close to Logan. It starts with the outstanding teachers. I have enjoyed every minute of it from my first day as a freshman to today as a junior.
I am a senior now and it's hard to believe that Logan won't be my home in a few more months. I grew up here and have seen the school grow with me. Things are constantly changing for the better and I'm excited to see what the future of Logan High will be. The only thing that could be better thought is the food...
The teachers are very supportive and want to see their students succeed in life. They nudge them to do better on a daily basis and tend to follow up with their students on how their academic process is coming along.
I have gone to Logan High School in La Crosse, WI for three years; I spent my Junior year in Thailand as an exchange student. This school is open to diverse people and get along within the classrooms. The atmosphere that the teachers provide for us is a very inclusive one. Every teacher I have had at this school has set aside free time outside of the school day to explain confusing topics in detail. They also participate in the many activities we have throughout the year; these activities can be anything from the homecoming week dress up days to going out and supporting our Rangers at the many sports games played throughout the year. Along with the many sports, there is a multitude of clubs and other organizations that come into the school that I can be involved in. I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to spend the best years of my teenage life at any other school, here I am surrounded by many caring students and advisors in the open and welcoming environment.
Logan High School is a fun school. The teachers push you to better yourself by giving you a voice and an opinion instead of an outline and step-by-step process. The students form strong bonds with their teachers because the teachers have so much character.
I really enjoyed going to Logan High school, teachers are always there for you if u need help with homework, also I had a bad concussion my freshman year all mine teachers were very helpful when I was going through a hard time and homework was difficult. There was one teacher I had that was not helpful at all. Overall it was a great school, staff and coaches were great, only thing they could change is more tutors for students who are struggling.
The food sucks but as sophomore and an AVID student I feel more prepared for college than some seniors do. I feel there and teachers on either side of the extremes, those who really got out of their way to help students and those who really do not like their life as a teacher or they students in the school. Overall I feel safe at Logan and I feel they are there for me in times of need. In my experience they have done everything in their power to further enhance my learning experience and make me a well rounded individual.
I really like Logan High School. I had an amazing experience at Logan. Everyone is very acceptance of other students and people are very nice to other people. One thing I would change about my school is the food. It is not the best food and it gets worse every year.
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I am proud that my children will be graduating from Logan High School. There are many AP courses that are offered. The coaches do a great job working with the student athletes.
I love Logan High. It is a great place with great teachers and classmates. With that in mind, I would like to see some changes. In the classroom, the teachers are friendly and helpful. BUT, the teachers are not always super considerate. They always think that they're the only class that has a lot of tests or homework. We need to have more hands-on work in class instead of lectures.
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